Hello, thank you for your interest in a trade account. A new feature to My Brick Wall! A trade account (if approved) gives you the following benefits (depending on level)

  • Samples from £0.00 - £1.49
  • Discount From 15% and up to 30%
  • 7 Day A Week Customer Support
  • Express Service Free Of Charge On Samples

And Much More!

To Apply for the trade account you will need to follow the below form and, meet the below criteria!

  • Business Customer Either A Sole Trader Or Limited Company
  • Be VAT Registered
  • Be in a recognised trade such as. But not limited to - Stoves, Interior Design, Architect, Commercial/Residential Construction And More.

All accounts will be given a level 1 Trade Account when first created. Existing customers with a continuous and large spend may be given a higher level account. With each proceeding level the discounts are increased.

To use your account if approved you will need to head to the top right corner and create an account. Once approved we will add a code to your account and once logged in you will see your custom pricing,

Once the form has been filled in we will come back to you within 12 hours confirming or denying you account.