White Brick Slips

White Brick Slips

When there comes a time to revamp your walls, brick slips are the perfect way to do this. Not only are they affordable but they are also versatile and come in many different colours – including white, which is one of the most preferred colours to use. White brick slips are perfect for interior walls as it’s a neutral colour that goes perfectly with so many different styles and designs. 

Traditional brick slips are ideal for residential and commercial environments and can easily be installed on any interior and exterior wall. Although brick slips are traditionally used around fireplaces, you are no longer restricted to these areas as they create a wonderful style on any wall.  

Our White Brick Slips & Brick Tiles

Our popular Dover White Brick Slips boast imperfect tumbled edges and a bright white colouring. These tiles will add character to your home with the minimalistic or modern finish you are aiming to achieve. Another popular choice is our BBA White Brick Slips. The Epworth BBA Brick Slips have been specifically designed for those more demanding jobs and those jobs for which keeping weight down and approval high is a top priority! These brick slips have gone through years of testing to reach their BBA certification. BBA certificate is only achieved when the British Board of Agreement has agreed that the product is high quality and is meets all safety regulations to be used commercially.

Similarly, Eversham Moulded White Brick Slips are just as popular. This is perfect if you are looking to achieve a modern finish to the home. Plus, an easy, darker tile is much easier to maintain and keep clean. These white brick slips are sure to create a very unique feature within the home no matter what their application is.

Pre-Cast vs Clay Brick Slips

Pre-cast brick slips are made from concrete or composite material and are moulded and designed to look and feel like real bricks. Pre-cast white brick slips can be installed almost anywhere, to create a more rustic look, especially since modern homes today are built with a rough facing brick on the outside – but the inside is usually cladded in plasterboard. This gives home owners the perfect solution to create that popular rustic look. 

Pre-cast brick slips are perfect for commercial settings, such as restaurants and cafes. It offers so many different colour options and you can create almost any look you want. They are very easy to install and maintain, making it a practical solution for businesses. These brick slips also come in a variety of styles and materials, making it easy to adapt to almost any décor or theme the business has.

White brick slips can also be made from clay. It’s durable, long-lasting and perfect for any wall. Clay brick slips have many benefits to offer, including a great natural colour, protection against the elements, and genuine clay textures.  

Another great benefit of these clay brick slips is that they are very good at heat resistance, so they can be used as a backdrop for fireplaces to give them an authentic feel. They are also compatible with underfloor heating, so they can be used to keep a room warm during colder months.

What Are the Benefits of Brick Slips? 

Brick slips offer many benefits to home owners who wants to add some variety and style to the interior of their homes.  Not only are they easy to install, but they offer the perfect alternative to rebuilding an interior or exterior wall. These lightweight white brick slips are manufactured to be water-resistant, and they naturally have hygienic properties as they help prevent the growth of algae and fungi.

Here a few popular benefits of using brick slips:

  • Various colours available
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can create many different interior wall styles 
  • Easy to install on interior and exterior walls
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Similar to normal bricks – breathable, durable and recyclable
  • They are energy efficient
  • Beautiful and practical in many environments

White brick slips are popular in UK homes, specifically because they instantly give you the perfect brick-like look while being cost-effective and lightweight. The weathered brick cladding look is especially popular, as this can instantly turn any interior environment to a rustic, rugged look that fits in perfectly with many homes. It gives a heavier texture finish, similar to what exterior walls look like.

Why Are Brick Slips So Popular?

Recently, the demand for brick slips has been significantly increasing and as a result, there is a wide range of colours and finishes available. White is a very popular colour and perfect for any wall, inside or outside the home. 

In the UK, white brick slips are a very popular choice and quite common in many homes – especially modern homes where home owners want to create an authentic, rugged look. Brick slips are popular because they come in different colours, all offering a natural look for your walls, similar to an outside, natural brick wall. 

Brick slips are breathable, durable and non-combustible. This is why these wall coverings are so suitable for many different environments. They are energy efficient and the perfect solution for an area that needs to be beautified.  Brick slips are primarily used for their aesthetic appeal, as they offer a quick and practical alternative to conventional bricks. But they are also practical and very easy to clean, which is why so many people choose to turn to brick slips when they want to revamp a wall.

Brick slips are also called brick tiles, and they are made from thin cuts of brick, to be used on various walls in many different environments. They are mainly used to mimic the look of a traditional brick wall and they are suitable for interior and exterior walls. They can be seen in more homes all over the world. 

Pre-cast brick slips come in many different colours, making them popular to use in both residential and commercial buildings, and even in retail settings. Brick slips can be installed almost anywhere, to create a more rustic look, especially since modern homes today are built with a rough facing brick on the outside – but the inside is usually cladded in plasterboard. This gives home owners the perfect solution to create that popular rustic look. 

Of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is one of the most popular areas to use white brick slips in. These brick slips make it very comfortable, warm and rustic, which is perfect for a room where families spend a lot of time in. The bedroom can also be revamped and pre-cast brick slips are perfect for this. With so many different colours available, it’s easy to create a wall that fits in with any colour scheme or décor choice.

Home owners also use white brick slips in their bathrooms, as they are low maintenance easy to install, and can handle damp areas with ease. When used in the bathroom, these brick slips are often lightly sealed to help protect against fungi and algae. This will also make maintenance much easier to do. When you choose brick slips for the bathroom, remember to consider how much natural light to the bathroom gets, as this will help guide you when you choose the materials and colour for the wallcovering.

For more information about the benefits of white brick slips or to buy brick slips from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today