Foam Brick Cladding

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Foam Brick Cladding


As a home owner, you are always looking for ways in which you can add value to your home. One way to do this is to revamp your interior walls, creating a brand-new atmosphere and have the ability to decorate walls in your own décor style. But rebuilding or repainting a wall can be messy and expensive, which is why more home owners are starting to turn to foam brick cladding.  

This resembles a real brick wall, making it easy for you to get the same look inside your home, as you have outside. Foam bricks also have plenty of benefits to offer, which is why they are so popular. 

Foam brick cladding are also a great way for public spaces or even in retail settings to have interior brick -like walls, making brick slips very popular. Brick slips also come in various different finishes and they are thinner and much easier to install than conventional bricks. Many people choose to install brick slips instead of repainting their walls, as it gives you much more character and style than having a colour painted on your wall.

With so many colours and finishes to choose from, foam brick cladding are the perfect solution for people looking to enjoy a brick-like wall inside their home. One of the main reasons people install these brick slips on interior walls is to have a brick -like effect inside the home. They are a great alternative to conventional bricks and make it even easier to install. Brick slips have become especially popular in recent years as many people love to have the same rustic look inside the home as they do on their exterior walls.

When it comes to working with foam brick cladding, it is very quick and easy to install, and they are almost indistinguishable from traditional brick work. It's a very fast and easy way to get a brick -like effect inside your home. They can also handle heat quite well, making them a favourite to install around fireplaces and they have the added benefit of giving the perfect look for these walls. 

What are Foam Brick Slips?

Foam brick slips are made from foam, and designed to look lie real bricks. Foam brick slips can easily be installed throughout your home and is specifically beneficial to interior walls. They are extremely lightweight and very easy to install on any wall. They make for a wonderful feature wall and also allow you to benefit from an easy installation to have a brick -like effect inside your home.

With more and more people looking to install beautiful brick-like walls inside their homes, they don't always have to space or the budget, which is why brick walls are becoming very popular. You can choose from nay different designs when you choose brick cladding, to get just about any brick-like look in your home. It is so convenient that most people can handle this as a DIY installation getting the look they want for their walls in almost no time.

When it comes to foam brick slips, there are many different finishes and textures to choose from, as well as a wide variety of colours and styles. This means you can get almost any type of brick wall look inside your home in a very inexpensive way.

Some of these beautiful foam brick cladding almost looks better than traditional brick walls as they are often hand painted to give you a truly authentic finish. Most of these claddings are extremely thin, offering you a very space-saving alternative which is perfect for smaller spaces and homes without a lot of room or walls.

With the ability to easily install foam cladding to almost any wall, it gives you an instant option to revamping your entire interior space – at a fraction of the cost of a normal brick wall.

The Benefits of Foam Brick Cladding

As mentioned, foam brick cladding has a lot of benefits to offer. Not only are they very thin and convenient to work with, but they offer a very cost-effective solution to add style to your interior walls.

Here are the benefits of foam brick cladding:

  • Lightweight and very easy to install
  • Available in different colours and designs
  • Offers a brick-like look inside a home
  • They are extremely cost-effective
  • They save a lot of space
  • Foam brick cladding is much lighter than real bricks

Space saving is very important, and even more so in smaller apartments. Brick panels are very convenient and space saving, making them perfect for smaller environments. They are thin and convenient, giving you the ability to have a beautiful brick-like wall, that takes up less than half of the same surface thickness. Whereas four traditional brick walls in a room can take up to 480mm of floor space, brick tiles are only a fraction of that.

Another great benefit of foam brick cladding is the fact that they can also be used in a retail setting. This is great for environments such as restaurants, cafés or bars, or you can easily create a rustic, modern look that your visitors will love. You can also install foam brick cladding against almost any wall, as it is thin and versatile for interior use. 

Foam brick cladding are also great for DIY projects as they are cost-effective and easy to install. They can be installed to a wall without a strong foundation saving you money compared to having to install a traditional brick wall. You don’t necessarily need a professional builder to add brick tiles to your interior walls, saving you even more money.

Available in so many different colours and finishes, these brick panels are perfect for any designer or homeowners looking to add a unique style to their home. Whether it's a fireplace backdrop or a beautiful feature wall at the entrance of your home, brick panels give you the perfect solution to having a traditional brick wall.

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