BBA Approved Brick Slips

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BBA Approved Brick Slips

Brick slips can be used in many areas in the home; you can use them in your bedroom to create a natural, relaxing environment that is suited to your individual style. You can also use them in your bathroom, and choose from a variety of materials that can allow for anything from a minimalist style to a unique modern setting. But with so many options available, BBA approved brick slips are always a great option to go with. 

Whether you are looking to add some style to your living room, bedroom or kitchen - brick slips are the perfect solution. These brick slips are easy to install, and create almost any look that you want in your home. They can also fit in perfectly with your choice of colour and decor. Plus, with so many different materials available, you have plenty of options in terms of styles and looks for your interior and exterior walls.

Made from so many different materials, clay brick slips are popular. Suitable for many environments, clay brick slips are ideal for indoor use, especially where you want to create that authentic brick-like look for your walls. These brick slips are often used around fireplaces, as they have excellent heat-resistant properties and are environmentally friendly, but are ideal for any room in the home. 

In the UK, traditional brick slips are popular, since they allow you to have an authentic, rustic, brick-like look inside, and not only outside. The weathered brick cladding look is especially popular, as this can instantly turn any interior environment to a rustic, rugged look that fits in perfectly with many homes.

Why Use Brick Slips?

Brick slips have a unique style and they are popular to use in both residential and commercial buildings, and even in retail settings. These brick slips create a unique feel and can fit in with almost any theme you want to use throughout your space. BBA approved brick slips can be installed almost anywhere, to create a more rustic look, especially since modern homes today are built with a rough facing brick on the outside. This gives home owners the perfect solution to create that popular rustic look. 

When it comes to interior walls, you can use these clay brick slips in popular rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. You can give your kitchen an authentic, rustic, warm look, which is perfect for a room where families spend a lot of time in. The bedroom can also be revamped and brick slips are perfect for this. With so many different colours available, it’s easy to create a wall that fits in with any colour scheme or décor choice.

People often choose to also install this in their bathrooms, as it can offer a unique look can easily be created with modern brick slips. Added to that, brick slips are low maintenance, easy to install, and can handle damp areas with ease. They are perfect for bathrooms, and they can be lightly sealed to help protect against fungi and algae build-up. 

Brick slips are also used in commercial settings, as they offer the perfect look to modern buildings. Popular areas include restaurants, cafes and bars. They are very easy to install and maintain, making it a practical solution for businesses. These brick slips also come in a variety of styles and materials, making it easy to adapt to almost any décor or theme the business has.

What Are BBA Approved Brick Slips?

If you want to use only the best and most reliable brick slips, then BBA approved brick slips are the best option. This is especially important if you want to use brick slips in specific areas in and around the home, where safety and durability is important. This is a good choice if you want to use brick slips in an area where there is more heat. 

Fireplaces have always been lined with real bricks, and if you want to maintain the same look but you don’t have the budget, then BBA approved brick slips for your fireplace is ideal. Brick cladding with a British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification are durable and reliable, and have excellent heat conduction. They have been tested and deemed safe for any fireplace area, making them and I’ll deal option for your home.

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial brick slips, you’ll get value for money, energy efficient, beautiful alternative for your walls. Combined with the fact that they come in a variety of materials, they are extremely versatile and can fit into almost any décor theme you have. 

BBA Approved Brick Slips from My Brick Wall

At My Brick Wall, we have a wide range of BBA approved brick slips available. Available in beautiful colours like midnight grey and antique red, they make the perfect feature wall inside your home. Our BBA Deep Black Brick Slips have been specifically designed for those more demanding jobs where approval is a top priority. 

You can even go for a colourful option such as the BBA Burnt Peach Brick Slips. On top of their incredible appeal, these brick slips are less than half the weight of other clay brick slips on the market. Weighing just 280 grams per brick slip, these are perfect for those looking to install brick slips on materials such as plasterboard.

New to My Brick Wall is our range of BBA approved slim brick slips. These brick slips have gone through years of testing to reach their BBA certification. BBA certificate is only achieved when the British Board of Agreement has agreed that the product is high quality and is meets all safety regulations to be used commercially.

When you use our BBA approved brick slips, you’ll benefit from:

  • Little to no maintenance
  • Increased home value
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Weather proofing for your home
  • Maximum internal space
  • Easy fitment and installation
  • Reducing damp and mould

Interior Benefits of Brick Slips

BBA approved brick slips have many benefits to offer, especially for home owners in the UK. Brick slips offer a rustic, warm look, which is great for anyone looking to add a homely feel to the interior of their home. Not only are brick slips easy to install but they offer the perfect alternative for people want to rebuild an interior or exterior wall.

Brick slips are also water resistant, making them perfect for any environment, plus they naturally have hygienic properties as they prevent the growth of fungi and algae. This is why they are ideal for indoor walls, especially where you want a different look, but don’t want to rebuild a wall completely.

Another benefit of brick slips is that they have great heat resistance properties. This means they can be used as a backdrop for fireplaces to help give them a very authentic feel. Brick slips are compatible with underfloor heating, so they are the perfect solution for people who want to keep their homes warm during the cold winter months.

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial BBA approved brick slips, you’ll get value for money, and an energy efficient, beautiful alternative for your walls. Combined with the fact that they come in a variety of materials, they are extremely versatile and can fit into almost any décor theme you have. 

For more information about the benefits of buying BBA approved brick slips, contact My Brick Wall today