Adhesive And Grout

Adhesive and Grout

Brick slips are very popular in homes all over the world, and with good reason. They are beautiful for interior walls, are cost-effective, and they allow you to instantly have a brick-like effect for the walls inside your home. Brick slips are also very easy to install, providing you have the right brick slip fixings available. 

Brick slips are also energy efficient, and will work perfectly with underfloor heating in a home. Brick slips are made from recyclable materials, so they are environmentally friendly, too. Many people want to use an environmentally friendly solution for their homes, and these wall solutions are the perfect option.

Brick slips are mainly used for their aesthetic appeal, as they offer fast and very effective solution to conventional brick walls. You can now have a beautiful, brick-like finish on your interior and exterior walls, at a fraction of the cost. This is by far a better option than rebuilding any wall.

Brick slips are very versatile and can be used anywhere in your home or commercial environment. You can use them in your bathroom to create a unique, practical look, or even in your bedroom to create a relaxing, natural environment that reflects your personal style. 

Brick slips are quite unique and they provide a rustic, warm feel to any environment. They can fit in with almost any environment, which is perfect for modern home owners who want to create their own unique style. Modern homes are often built with rough brick walls on the outside, while brick slips now allow you to take that same rough, rugged brick-like look inside the home.

One of the most popular areas where home owners often choose to install brick slips is in the kitchen. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular rooms in the home, where families spend a lot of time together. This is a great way to turn your kitchen into a practical, unique environment that is environmentally friendly, and also energy efficient.

The bathroom is another room in the house where homeowners often make use of this rustic, traditional wall style. Brick slips can be very popular in bathrooms, specifically because they require almost no maintenance, and can be completely sealed to prevent any moisture from turning into mould. When you do choose red brick slips for your bathroom, be sure to consider the amount of natural light when you choose the type of material for your walls.

What Is Adhesive?

Adhesive is what fixes the tile to the walls or floors. It’s important to choose the right type of adhesive as you want your installation to be durable and done right. Although you don’t always have to use adhesive when installing tiles, it’s definitely highly recommended when installing brick slips. 

There are many types of adhesives available and it’s an essential part of installing brick slips to any wall. For example, flexible adhesive is designed to be used with all types of tiles, as the flexible properties of this product allows it to be used on al substrates, both internally and externally. Most adhesives are also rapid setting, allowing you to grout the tiles only a few hours after installation. Some adhesives can also be used with underfloor heating. 

The type of adhesive you choose is extremely important. It is a crucial part of your installation and it will make sure that the installation is solid and reliable. It is important to remember that mortar should not be used as an adhesive for brick slip walls. Traditional brick walls use a combination of sand and stone but this is not the case for a brick slip wall. 

If you are considering epoxy, remember that it's an expensive product and can be quite difficult to work with. It may be strong but it is sensitive to temperature and if not used correctly it's not that strong. The best option to use for a brick slip wall installation is a cement-based adhesive. This is the most reliable, easy-to-use and fast-acting.

What is Grout?

Grout is essentially a mixture of sand, cement and water. It is used in-between tiles to fill the space, creating a waterproof seal. It’s a type of bonding agent and comes in many different colours too. When you use water resistant grout, you’ll get a smooth finish to your new tiles with the added benefit of its anti-mould and water-resistant technology. Grout is a sure benefit when it comes to using brick slip fixings throughout your home. 

Other Brick Slip Fixings

There are many brick slip fixings that you can buy to make the installation and maintenance of your floors and walls easier and much more effective. This is especially important if you are undertaking it as a DIY project, handling the installation and the maintenance of these brick slip walls yourself.


If you are installing a brick slip wall in a bathroom or kitchen, ensuring that it is completely waterproof is very important. This is why you should use a high-quality sealer to create a watertight seal behind the tiles, stopping moisture from getting to the wall or floor surfaces beneath. 

Silicone is also a must-have option for installations in bathrooms specifically, as it is commonly used to seal the walls, floor tiles, around the rim of the bath, bottom of the toilet, and the sink area. Silicone is hygienic, flexible and can last for many years. It also creates a neat finish, giving it a professional appearance.


Primers should also form part of your brick slip fixings. It acts as a bonding agent and sealer, improving the adhesive strength of the surface. It can be used on many different building materials, including brick slip walls. It can be used as a waterproofing bonding agent, when mixed with cement. It can also be used with sand cement screeds and plasters, giving it a water-reducing effect. 

The Benefits of Quality Brick Slip Fixings

Brick slips are incredibly easy-to-use, very durable, and a much more affordable option than breaking down and rebuilding a brick wall. This is why it is perfect for interior walls, combined with the fact that you can get brick slips in a wide variety of colours and designs. 

It makes it ideal for homeowners who want to add a beautiful feature wall, or simply revamp the interior spaces of their homes. Also, for using the right brick slip fixings you can make sure that your installation is perfect the first time, ensuring that the wall is properly sealed and the surface is properly prepared. This will not only add value to your home but significantly reduce the amount of maintenance needed in years to come. 

Available in so many different colours and finishes, brick slips are perfect for any designer or homeowners looking to add a unique style to their home. Whether it's a fireplace backdrop or a beautiful feature wall at the entrance of your home, brick panels give you the perfect solution to having a traditional brick wall.

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