Your Office and Brick Slips - A Match Made in Heaven

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Your Office and Brick Slips - A Match Made in Heaven

Sometimes, office spaces are not the most inspirational of spaces for visitors or staff but it doesn’t have to be that way because Brick Slips provide an option that really can make a difference. The reality is that an outdated office is not going to inspire your employees while clients or customers are going to think of you as being an old-fashioned business.

The modern office is a place that inspires, has great design and ensures staff feel comfortable in their surroundings. They enhance productivity and morale, giving you even more of a reason to invest in Brick Slips.

More and more designers are now looking at the impact of Brick slips and choosing to use them will give your office a new lease of life, helping to remove grey, uninspirational areas and replacing them with spaces that look smart and modern. From pillars to large walls and meeting rooms, Brick Slips provide a wealth of opportunities when it comes to the office and we are going to show you how.


Transform Entrance and Reception Areas

First impressions count for everything and you want to make sure that your business is presented in the right way. Therefore, when clients and potential clients enter your building, you create an impression that makes them stop in their tracks. The reality is that the majority of offices are lifeless and boring but you can transform that. With Brick Slips, you’ll be able inject colour, character and a feeling of exceptional workmanship, all of which will help your business to stand out. 

With a range of colours and textures available, opting to install Brick Slips will only improve the overall image of your business.


Create Feature Walls

Large walls that lack colour or character can leave offices feeling dark and gloomy, two things that are no good for productivity. Many businesses want to be perceived in a way that sets them apart so why not go for a Brick Slip feature wall?

That large open office will instantly feel modern and will take on its own personality, turning it into a space where people want to be. It will create a positive vibe and will also look great in any promotional images that you share online or through your social media channels.

Brick Slips are extremely versatile and that’s why they are perfect for offices. What’s more, they are also easy to install and that makes a difference. 


Brick Slips to Consider

The great thing about Brick Slips is that they come in a variety of styles and tones, giving you the option to get creative with your office space. You can keep it traditional or modern, so what is available?

The Tumbled Barn House Brick Slips or the Bedford Antique Red Brick Slips offer a traditional red colour that creates a unique industrial feel that is often popular in office spaces. This style can be matched with modern furniture and fittings, creating a unique look. 

For something more modern then you might want to consider the Saltash Modern Grey Brick Slips as they are bright, light and help to open up spaces. 

If you have lots of natural light then you have the scope to go for a darker wall such as the Olde Rustic Black Brick Slips. This provides a unique design that many might avoid due to a lack of light but if you have the right light, this will give your office a stand-out look that simply works.

The reality is that your office space has to inspire and instil positivity in your employees. There are many studies that prove how important the work environment can be, so now could be the time to consider Brick Slips.