Why Brick Tiles Are Perfect For Every Bathroom

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Why Brick Tiles Are Perfect For Every Bathroom

The bathroom might be more about practicality given that we tend to use it to wash and use the toilet but there is much more to this space in our modern world. It is no longer a forgotten room in the home because it becomes a bit of a sacred haven for many. It’s a space where you can run a hot bath, light some candles or play some music with the door locked and forget about the world outside. It’s one of life's simple pleasures but it is the reason why so many people are now investing in their bathroom.

Bathroom trends are a real thing but of course, they do still need to be functional and practical. However, when it comes to the design, you can get creative and capture a whole new look with brick tiles.


Why Brick Tiles?

Brick tiles are unique in the way that they mimic real bricks. Once installed on your walls, they will look like real bricks yet they have the same texture as standard tiles. Firstly, this makes them ideal for bathrooms. The problem with a bathroom is that it is a room that is quite limited when compared to other rooms. Wallpaper is a no-go due to the excess moisture, so you either opt for paint or tiles. In most cases, people will opt for tiles around the bath and sink area and paint although some choose to tile the entire bathroom. However, the ability to get creative is rather limited but that doesn’t have to be the case.


Add Texture

Coloured tiles and even patterned tiles don’t add texture, as good as they might look. Despite this, if you want to add texture to your walls but still want tiles, then you can use brick slips. While the tiles might feel like standard tiles, they look like bricks which means that they give off the same appearance when it comes to texture.


They are Waterproof

The great thing about tiles, in general, is that they are waterproof and that’s why they are commonly used in bathrooms. Brick tiles are exactly the same which means that they are perfect for bathrooms but they still retain that stunning look. Whether they are placed around the bath or placed around the sink, any water simply won’t cause problems.


Easy to Clean

It’s important that a bathroom is easy to clean, hence why all bathroom suites are smooth and shiny! The same can be said for your walls as you need to be able to give them a good clean to enhance hygiene and keep your bathroom smelling and looking clean. All they will require is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth and they will look their best again.

So, brick tiles are an amazing option for your bathroom. They enable you to capture that unique look but they come with all the benefits that come with tiles. All of this makes them the perfect choice for any modern bathroom.