White Brick Slips - Ideal For Modern Homes

If you have been considering installing brick slips in your home then you have more than likely looked at the standard red and buff colours. These are undoubtedly popular and create a stunning look in any home but there are other options available, especially if you are looking to add a modern twist to your home. With white brick slips you can create a crisp look with clean lines and a neutral tone that adds a modern touch which means that they are the ideal addition to any room.


Where Can You Use White Brick Slips?

Essentially, white brick slips can be used in any room in the home as they are completely versatile and so, we often have customers that use them in a range of places. This includes coffee shops, bars, offices and homes, so let’s look at where they can be used in the home.


Your Home Office

While Covid-19 restrictions have been removed, many people are finding that they are still working from home and might be for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to create a home office that inspires. Using white brick slips, your office will have a modern feel, making it the ideal backdrop for any home office. Even after they have been installed, you can still fit shelving and fixtures to complete the office look.


In the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and using white brick slips will enable you to choose from a range of designs. You can go for solid wood cabinets or gloss cabinets in a range of colours. Furthermore, you can also choose to install industrial lighting or other types of modern lighting, all of which will work perfectly together. The brick slips will add texture and that can help you to make use of a range of surfaces and textures throughout your kitchen.


The Living Room

As we offer a number of different shades of white, you can opt for bright white or an off-white colour. Whatever you choose, it will add to the aesthetics of your living room while also giving you the scope to create a cool and modern space. You can then pair this up with darker tones in furnishings and fixtures to create a dramatic look and feel.


Your Bathroom

You can refresh your bathroom with ease when you choose white brick slips. They create the ideal finish behind your sink and vanity unit, especially with a modern bathroom suite that looks crisp and clean. The brick slips can be paired up with glossy tiles that contrast each other yet still work perfectly well. This will then give you the scope to add your own colour scheme to make your bathroom your own.

With our range of white brick slips, you are certain to find something that ticks every box. They are a simple yet effective addition to any home and because they are versatile, you can use them anywhere!