Using Brick Slips to Transform a Guesthouse

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Using Brick Slips to Transform a Guesthouse

If you want to transform your guesthouse into something unique and stylish, consider modern brick slips for your walls and even your floors. Over the past decade brick slip installations have grown significantly, and everyone is now seeing the benefits to this superb method of wall covering.

When it comes to your guesthouse, you want to have a beautiful environment that is unique, inviting, and also cost-effective. That’s why brick slips are so popular, and easy to use in any guesthouse setting. You can make your guest feel welcome and at the same time create a unique and beautiful look that will transform your environment into a relaxing, and very enjoyable space. 

With brick slips, you have many options available and many styles to choose from, making brick slips and brick tiles among the most popular and cost effective ways to decorate your guesthouse. 

Modern Décor for Your Guesthouse

When it comes to modern décor for your guesthouse, you have plenty of options to choose from with modern brick slips. One very popular design is the London look as it this was inspired by the handmade brick tiles from London furnaces back in the early 20th century. Perfect for using on walls or floors, and for creating your own brick tiling effects, this look is natural, organic and easy to live with.

It’s here that we can use our own design ideas to create something really special and unique for your guesthouse by using London brick tiles. Don’t think you need to live in the city to enjoy this look though; it works perfectly in a more country cottage setting and newer, more modern properties too.

Most of us are familiar with the characteristics of the New York neighbourhoods, and the almost iconic loft living style that has become synonymous with this city in the last decade. Made famous by popular TV shows, the industrial chic look of brick styling in these properties can now be enjoyed by homes much further afield than New York itself. You can have the same look and feel for your guesthouse, with beautiful and very versatile London brick tiles.

Using this chalky, matt ceramic surface in your guesthouse will give you that stylish feel of Brooklyn Heights or the classy brownstone look of the Upper East Side. And the subtle colour palettes make working this product into your décor, easier than ever. Perfect for your entire guesthouse – kitchens, bathrooms and beyond, recreating the New York scene has never been simpler, more contemporary or more refined.

Many people love the authentic look and feel of brick slips or brick effect feature tiles. They can be used anywhere, are easy to install and made from eco-friendly materials that really adds character to your guesthouse. You can get the warmth and life that a real brick wall provides and best of all, these brick slips are not expensive and this means a cost-effective option for builders and guesthouse owners alike.

Brick Slip Benefits for Your Guesthouse

Here are just a few of the benefits of brick slips for your guesthouse:

  • Longevity – Because brick slips are made from real clay brick they last, providing they are fitted correctly the brick slips will bring a lifetime of longevity.
  • Durability – Fired clay is both hard and durable, one of the biggest brick slip benefits. Once installed this product will cope with even the most aggressive of wear and tear.
  • Affordability – Brick slips are not expensive when compared to the large costs involved in construction a full brick wall. In addition, brick slips are sold in half square metre boxes meaning small areas can be done for very little cost.
  • Beauty – There is no denying real clay brick offers textures and warmth that most coverings cannot. The sheer beauty of an exposed brick look works well with both modern and traditional designs.

Providing a real brick finish, brick slips are a cost-effective and easily installed method of adopting the exposed brick trend in the home. Low maintenance and taking up minimal space in comparison to full bricks, slips are ideal for transforming your guesthouse, including your fireplaces, chimney breasts and feature walls.

The beauty of brick slips is that they provide an authentic finish, as once mortar is applied the brickwork is indistinguishable from a traditional brick wall. Half bricks and pistol bricks are also available to help create brick bonding patterns and navigate corners.

One of the main reasons why brick tiles have become so popular is their ease of installation. Brick tiles can be applied to any pre-existing wall, floor or surface, both inside and outside. Best of all, you can install everything yourself! Perfect for any guesthouse owner. 

Conventional bricks are laid in mortar and stacked on top of each other. Brick tiles, on the other hand, have more in common with regular tiles when it comes to installation. They are adhered to a panel or applied directly to the surface of a wall using glue or mortar.

But it all starts with getting the right brick slips for your specific needs. Visit us online today to choose from a wide selection of brick slips and brick tiles, by a reliable and trusted manufacturer. We also have expert advice available for any guesthouse owner looking to install the perfect brick wall. 

For more information on our range of quality brick slips and brick tiles for your guesthouse, contact My Brick Wall today at or view our collections online.