Using Brick Slips to Create a Backdrop

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Using Brick Slips to Create a Backdrop

If you are looking for ways to add creativity to a room, you can always consider revamp your walls. Adding a backdrop in a specific room can make all the difference in its layout and décor, and if done right, you can even make for a room at be given it is. It is for this reason that brick slips are ideal for any modern home or space. Brick slips allow you to create a beautiful wall that you can use as a drop in almost any environment.

Adding brick slips your home is also very convenient as it is very easy to install, and lightweight. This means that it's convenient to add some slips to your wall as opposed to reaping the entire wall. Brick slips also allow you to choose from different types of designs and materials, allowing you to be as creative as you to be.

Brick Slips

When it comes to slips, you truly have a lot of options to go with. You can go for a traditional look resembles a face brick wall that you normally have outside, or you can go with a specific colour that you like to have in a room.

Brick slips are very colourful and they are very practical to install as a backdrop in almost any room. This means that you can have your backdrop as a beautiful feature wall that blends in with your current décor in the room. It is a very affordable way of giving style and colour to a room, without having to revamp the entire space.

Brick slips being said and lightweight, require virtually no maintenance and this means they are not only affordable but also a great investment to make. You can choose from a wide variety of colours if you want to install brick slips, such as red, white and grey. This gives you the perfect opportunity to add up drop to popular areas in the home such as your kitchen or living room.

A very popular option if you want to install brick slips in a kitchen or living room, is our Middleton pastel brick slips. They are light in colour, and have a selection of colours available such as grey, red, cream and. The facings of these bricks on every textured and they are perfect as a backdrop in any kitchen or living room.


Grey Brick Slips

If you are looking for beautiful grey slips, you can choose from a variety of modern designs such as the beautiful depth and slate grey slips. They offer a very smooth finish a light grey colour, that are ideal for a variety of rooms, including the kitchen and living room.

Another very great brick slip often that you can go with is the Rye Silver Grey Brick Slips. They offer a beautiful finish that looks slightly roughed and offer a mix of grace. This heavily textured brick slip is perfect for homes where you would like to have a rustic feel. Is a great backdrop for a living room, or even a bedroom. It has colour and fit in with a wide variety of colour schemes you have going in a room.

Gary brick slips are a great way to add a little character to a room. It doesn't have bright and bold colours, so it is a very safe colour choice that will blend in with almost any décor option you have this is a great way to spice up a normal white painted wall, as you can easily make use of these like brick slips to give the appearance of a real grey brick wall.


Black Brick Slips

If you love dark colours, then black brick will be absolutely ideal. Not only does it offer you a darkened colour to add as drop to a room, you can also get a variety of textures, making it a very versatile of to go with.

If you are looking for a smooth finish, you can go for the Boston BBA Black Brick Slips. These have a very smooth surface and if they are a premium product with very inseam installation. They are BBA approved, which means that these brick slips are fire resistant and non-combustible, meeting or of the health and safety requirements. These brick slips are ideal for commercial environment as well.

Brick slips have become extremely popular since they are so easy to install and they offer you a very convenient way of adding a modern dark wall to any room in the home. They can make the perfect backdrop for a bedroom or even a hallway, and you can also install them outside as part of your entertainment area.


White Brick Slips

If you need to go with a light colour you can choose slips as the perfect backdrop for larger rooms. White walls help to easily reflect colour to the room, making the room look lighter and also bigger. This is a great way to create the illusion of space in a room, and what is also a neutral colour so it in almost any decor element you have going in a room.


A great option for whites brick slips include Evesham Moulded White Brick Slips as well as the very popular Oldbury White Blend Brick Slips, which gives you a completely handmade slip that has a slight read dashing in it. The facings of these brick slips are heavily textured and colour will make it blend in any rustic atmosphere.

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