Using Brick Slips in the Kitchen

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Using Brick Slips in the Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen, you want to have a space that is practical, inviting and very creative. That’s why you can always revamp your kitchen wall and add a beautiful feature wall that your guests will love. This is why our kitchen brick slips are so versatile and perfect for any kitchen space, and they offer value for money, with a lot of versatility too. You can now have a kitchen area that can handle stains, scratches and splashbacks with ease.

Whether you are looking for modern kitchen brick slips, stone effect tiles, or metro kitchen tiles, we have you covered. At My Brick Wall we have a wide selection of kitchen tiles that will suit your every need. We also know that you need a tile that has a long lifespan to offer real value for money.

Whether it’s wet, muddy boots, spills from the odd glass of wine, accidents from the dogs, or toys being dragged in and out, your kitchen sees it all and has to have wall and floor tiles to handle it. That’s why we stock affordable, reliable and stylish kitchen tiles at Appleby’s Tiles.

Kitchen brick slips are perfect to use in any working area as they offer you everything you want in a kitchen wall. They are durable, easy to install, affordable, and can handle damp areas and water with ease. Our kitchen brick slips are a very popular option, especially if you want to create a beautiful, yet unique look.

Also, if you need to install kitchen brick slips as a splashback for your sink and you are worried about its durability, these tiles are perfect. They have been designed to suit any kitchen environment perfectly, whether it’s for a feature wall, or a traditional brick slip floor covering. The ability to choose from beautiful designs make brick slips very affordable and also convenient.

One great option you can consider is our Evesham Moulded White Brick Slips, as they have a fantastic white coating that allows light to bounce around the room. They have a beautiful consistent colour that is great for any modern kitchen area. Or how about our Falmouth Very Red Brick Slips for your Kitchen? These brick slips take their inspiration from old watermills around the country. Constructed from real bricks, they can give any home a true country and period feel to it. The tile can be used to cover the complete exterior of your home to add character and charm or just to create a feature within your kitchen.

Perfect for Splash Backs

Another great benefit is that our kitchen brick slips are excellent in handling moisture, as they are water-resistant and the perfect option for a kitchen. This means they are excellent for kitchen splash backs and durable enough to last you a lifetime. Kitchen brick slips can offer you a great design and a lot of versatility, which is why they are so popular today in modern homes.

If they are properly sealed with the installation process, they will give you even more value. With modern brick slips, you can seal them to ensure that they can handle water and that there will be no leaks, leaving them with the same beautiful colour for years to come.

You can create a feature wall in your kitchen using a variety of stunning kitchen brick slips. The benefit is that you would have a wall that looks very real, is a great addition for any kitchen. Brick slips off and very light to install, giving you a very easy installation process no maintenance needed. This is not only with the lost you a lifetime but also very cost-effective as you have any additional expenses along the way.

You can choose from a variety of brick slips to create a feature wall in your kitchen. You can go for a bright colour such as blue or red, or you can choose to say something a little more a and natural such as grey or white. You can also use different types of tiles to add a unique feature to each wall and even use brick tiles to revamp your floors.

Kitchen brick tiles are very durable and hard wearing, so they are ideal for high traffic areas. Your kitchen will accommodate many guests and you will spend a lot of time in your kitchen, which is why you need to have a durable and slippery assistant kitchen floor. With wide variety of tiles to choose from, brick tiles give you a creative design option, coupled with a very durable material and an nonslip surface.

When it comes to revamp your kitchen, they are truly a lot of options you can go with. By passing through our selection of kitchen brick slips, you will not only save money but also have a very easy installation process and a very durable end result. Get the ticket look and feel of a real brick wall with the use of modern brick slips and brick effect tiles. You can also combine them with a beautiful brick tile floor.

Tiles are a great way value to your home as well as make your guests feel welcome. You can have a very traditional interior for your entire home by revamping one room at a time, starting with your kitchen, and even install beautiful brick slip walls in your bathroom, living room and bedroom. With affordable price tag an easy installation, brick slips are one of the most popular option for modern homes.

For more information about the best brick slips and brick tiles for your home, contact My Brick Wall today at or view our collections online.