Using Bold and Vibrant Brick Slips for Kitchen Perfection

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Using Bold and Vibrant Brick Slips for Kitchen Perfection 

With more people starting to use brick slips in their kitchen, brick slips have become very popular for their versatility. From simple kitchen splashbacks, to feature walls or multiple walls around the kitchen cupboards, kitchen brick slip is an increasing trend among homeowners across the world. 

Colour can do quite a lot for a kitchen, especially if you decide to go with bold colours. Whether you want to create a beautiful feature wall, or just add a kitchen splashback for more colour, you can be creative with kitchen brick slips and transform your entire kitchen area.

Here are a few great ideas if you want to use bold and beautiful colours in your kitchen.

Yellow Brick Slips

If you are looking for a bold and bright colour you can use our yellow brick slips to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. Our Weathered Worn Yellow Brick Slips are ideal if you want a slightly rougher textured brick wall, and add a great touch to your modern kitchen.

Orange Brick Slips

Orange is another popular colour that works very well in a kitchen. We have a range of orange brick slips that you can use to create stunning feature walls, such as the Victorian Aged Orange Brick Slips and the popular Leyland Orange Blend Brick Slips with a great mix of weathered colours like oranges, whites and faint reds.

Mixed Colour Brick Slips

Our mixed colour brick slips are ideal if you want a little variety in your kitchen. Our Flitwick Aged Mixed Brick Slips hold their own entirely when it comes to recreating an aged finish with a mix of dark and light colours, while the Middleton Pastel Brick Slips use five colours that really comes to light when using a grey mortar.

Which Brick Slip Should I Use in the Kitchen?

The straightforward answer is whichever you think will look best. One way to make the decision easier though is looking at our collections of brick slips online. If you want or have a very modern kitchen and want something to compliment that - look into our glazed brick slip collection, if you want a farmhouse look of old weathered brick, choose from our traditional brick slip collection. Where you want something that has good colour and texture variations but not too much weathering, browse our smooth brick slip collection.

You need to consider how the shape and design of your kitchen suits different amounts of brick tiles. Always consider the colour of your mortar, it makes a big difference – ask us for guidance.

Matching the Exterior of Your House

If you want your kitchen to follow on (or as near as possible) from the bricks on the exterior of your home, you could browse all of our brick tiles yourself, but you can also contact us. We'll let you know what is closest to your bricks so you can get a sample, it may even be that we have a product offline that suits best.

Choosing a brick tile with the right texture for the area you plan on using it in will reduce maintenance and keep your brick tile splash back looking as good a s new for years to come. 

We would always advise choosing a brick with a smooth or slightly rustic texture if the brick tiles will be installed closely to your hob, and there is a chance that spillages will happen. Any spillages should be soaked up immediately before the stain is allowed to impregnate the surface of the brick – this will make the cleaning process harder. We would recommend using a natural stone sealer for the brick slips if being used behind a hob, this will prevent any food items from staining the brick slips.

If you are using the brick slips as a feature wall and they will not come into contact with food spills regularly then you can choose from our full range of brick tiles for your kitchen.

Installing Splashbacks in Your Kitchen

If you choose not to do a full wall, then there are ways to hide the edges of the tile, timber framing or tile edging for example. However, we'd recommend simply using the mortar mix you've used, and making a 45-degree angle between the front edge of the tile and the wall- this gives a more natural look.

All of our brick slips are made from genuine clay bricks that have been fired at over 900 degrees, so are fully suitable for use in and around hot areas such as cookers and hobs. Our brick slips are very hard wearing and require very little maintenance, however from time to time you may need to remove any fallout from the brick slips by using warm soapy water and a soft brush.

For more information on our range of quality clay brick slips and brick tiles for your guesthouse, contact My Brick Wall today at or view our collections online.