Use Brick Slips To Create a Rustic Outdoor Dining Area

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Get Ready For Summer With a Rustic Outdoor Dining Area

With the summer just a few months away and the hope we have for a warm spring, it means that the time is almost upon us to kick off our winter clothes and bring out the flip flops and shorts. OK, that might be jumping ahead too quickly but there is no harm in getting excited for the warmer months by planning your garden makeover.

We all recognise that waft of the bbq as it drifts through the air. It’s almost synonymous with summer in the UK, so it’s no surprise that people are spending more money and time cooking outdoors. In fact, people are no longer satisfied with having a portable bbq that they can wheel back into the shed or garage after each use because they want something more permanent and that’s where brick slips can help!


Think About the Design

You might want to create the perfect bbq area or even build a bespoke pizza oven. Whatever your needs might be, you have the scope and the freedom to do what you want! This is the real beauty of creating your own outdoor space but this is where brick slips can help to create the ideal finish.

Once you have designed the space and decided where your fixed bbq will go or where your pizza oven will be located, you can then begin building it. Once constructed, you can then begin cladding the area in any kind of brick slips you want. With a variety of styles and colours available, you can create an outdoor dining space with a difference.


What About a Preparation Area?


What outdoor dining space is complete without a preparation area? Whether it’s somewhere to put your summer cocktails or somewhere to prepare meat before you cook it, you’re going to need a space that is both usable and durable.

You can use our brick slips to create a hard wearing surface, especially when the bricks are sealed. This will ensure that any spills won’t get absorbed into the brick slips, keeping them looking their best. You can even use our brick slips to create a splashback too. It will finish off the look of the area but also provide a practical finish that looks the part.

What About the Weather?

Sure, when the sun is shining, you won’t have a care in the world. What about when the rains come as well as the frost and snow? You still won’t need to worry because brick slips are extremely durable and behave just like full bricks. So, when you install them, you can be sure that they will look the same from one summer to the next. There’s no need to paint them or sand them like you would with wooden cladding. They might need a light clean which is not a difficult task but the most important thing is that you will have an outdoor space that you can enjoy with friends and family.