Things to Consider Before Ordering Brick Slips

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Things to Consider Before Ordering Brick Slips


If you’re looking to revamp the interior of your wall you can easily choose beautiful brick slips for your home. They are very convenient to work with and they are extremely lightweight making them perfect for any room inside the home. Homeowners love brick slips because of their versatility and the fact they can give you the same look inside the home as you have for your outside brick walls.

Brick slips come in a wide variety of colours and styles extremely popular and easy to work with. The fact that they also lightweight means that you can use them on almost any wall inside your home. They are also very so they won’t take up a lot of floor space when you install them in a specific room. This means that they are extremely cost-effective and a great way to revamp your home.

Whether you want a bright colour to feature wall in your living room or simply revamp interior of your home to turn it into a modern living space, brick slips are extremely easy to work with and they are very cost-effective. Best of all you don’t have to undergo any expensive projects already bought any interior walls to make them look like a traditional face brick wall.

When you want to buy brick slips online there are a few you need to consider to make sure that you have the correct product to work with. You can ask us for help and advice on how to approach your installation process, especially if you are new to installing brick slips in the home.  

We always advise customers to over-order with 10% to ensure you have enough product to work with, just in case you need to cover a slightly larger area. This will avoid you having to order more brick slips, and ensure they all look similar to one another. 


Choosing the Right Colour

When it comes to choosing brick slips you truly have a lot of options to go with. You can choose from colours such as white brick slips or even a neutral grey. These colours go with a lot of different options you can easily use them on most of your walls and then break this trend with a brightly coloured feature wall. White brick slips are also very popular as they can easily be used as a splashback to your kitchen or even inside a shower area.

Choosing the right colour is essential as you need to make sure that you will have the right product when you are done with your installation. You can truly reflect your personal style by mixing different coloured brick slips inside your home or you can even go for mixed colour brick slips to create an interesting look throughout your home and maintain a similar appearance.

If you choose red brick slips you can have them installed around your fireplace as a beautiful backdrop or you can easily create a beautiful feature wall inside your kitchen. This is a great way to have a traditional brick like look inside your home without having to rebuild any walls.


Choosing the Right Finish

You can also choose from different types of finishes for your brick slips and a very popular option is choosing glazed bricks slips. These brick slips offer you a premium finish that is very durable and will definitely stand out. Glazed bricks slips add a lot of style to your home a create a beautiful finish that looks professional and high-class. You can also combine the glazed bricks slips with different colours walls so that you can create a unique look inside your home.

You can also choose to go with brick tiles give you a smooth finish and the ability to easily them in different colours. Brick tiles are more affordable than traditional brick slips making them a very cost-effective option to use throughout your home. Brick tiles are very lightweight and easy to install so you can use them on any wall inside the home and even use them on your floor’s. Brick tiles are lightweight and they come in a very wide variety of colours so that you can easily mix and match to give the perfect style that reflects your personality in your home.


Brick Slip Accessories

finally make sure that you choose the right bricks accessories when you pay installation. You need to properly prepare the surface to make sure that your installation will last for many years to come will stop also make sure that if you use brick slips in an area such as a birth or kitchen you properly use the right sealant to make sure that no gamble moisture will be able to get into your brick slip walls. 

The same goes for installing brick slips on outside walls or entertainment areas. Always make sure that you properly seal your brick slips damage and you can be rest assured that they will be to handle the elements very well. 

Buying brick slips is very easy and all our products are quality guaranteed can also give you expert installation advice and help you choose the right brick slips for your specific project. Brick slips are extremely easy to work with and they give you the option to get a high-quality finish inside your home at a very affordable price.

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