The World of Traditional Brick Slips

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The World of Traditional Brick Slips

Traditional brick slips are undoubtedly popular and for good reason. They make it very easy to revamp your interior walls and they look beautiful indoors and outdoors. All want our homes to look good but it can often come with a hefty price tag, which is one of the reasons why brick slips are so popular among home owners and business owners.

Now you can easily have interior walls of your home looks similar to your outdoors face brick walls with the help of traditional brick slips. It’s a very efficient alternative to using traditional bricks and it has many advantages to offer. They are very easy to work with and they are also very cost-effective, making them ideal for any interior space.

Brick slips are cut from traditional bricks and they are usually around 20 mm thick. These brick slips are intended to mimic the appearance of traditional bricks which allows you to create both temporary and traditional walls inside your home.  

Brick slips can be combined with almost any wall or décor element you have ain a room, making them very versatile and easy to work with, not to mention they are very cost effective too.

Why Use Traditional Brick Slips?

Traditional brick slips are very popular as they offer the most authentic finish for your walls. They are usually cut from reclaimed bricks, giving them a tumbled edge finish. There are many advantages of using brick slips over traditional bricks. The main advantage is that they are so cost-effective making it very affordable to revamp your interior walls. 

You can also take this as a DIY project so you don’t have your hire any skilled labour. Brick slips are much lighter than normal traditional bricks so this makes the transportation easier and more cost-effective too. You can use brick slips on walls that do not have substantial foundations because they are very lightweight and not nearly as heavy as traditional bricks. This can significantly cut down building costs for your project.

Using brick slips for a DIY project will also reduce the amount of space you need store bricks. They also will save you valuable space in the room, especially if you use the internal walls. For example, if you use brick slips on for internal walls in a room, you will use around 20 mm of floor space whereas with traditional bricks you will use up to 480 mm of floor space.

You can also use brick slips on outside walls and this makes it almost 10 times faster than building with traditional bricks. If you make sure that you use the correct adhesive and brick slips, they can withstand any weather condition. This reduces the amount of downtime that you may have had due to bad weather. 

Brick slips are very easy to maintain so there is no need for expensive maintenance over the years. You don’t have to paint them or maintain them every year so this is a much more cost-effective option than building with wood or even vinyl.

Pre-Cast Brick Slips

With pre-cast brick slips, you can accomplish a range of finishes and styles, as they have many different options to offer. Pre-cast brick slips are easy to install and lightweight, with the ability to turn any interior or exterior into a beautiful and modern area. Available in many different colours, pre-cast brick slips can fit into almost area inside or outside your home.

With brick slips you can easily create any number of different styles inside your home as you can shop for brick slips that come in a variety of styles and finishes. This means you can be creative and add your unique style to the inside of your home choosing the right brick slips.

A good example adding a beautiful backdrop to your fireplace with traditional brick slips. They also look very rugged and have a rough finish that mimic a real traditional brick wall. They can handle heat very so installing them around the fireplace the ideal way to add that of style to your room.

Another great idea is to use slip such as glazed bricks slips or even less brick slips to create a real unique attraction in a specific room. Whether you are looking for a bright colour to attract attention to a specific wall feature, or if you want a stick to a plain colour such as grey or black, there are a lot of varieties available. You can also use lighter colours such as white brick slips to create the illusion of light in a room that is normally very dark or small.

Brick slips are truly very versatile and this is why they have become so popular over the years. From professional builders to homeowners, brick slips are being used every day to recreate the look of a traditional brick wall inside your home. Traditional brick slips have come a long way in terms of all the styles and colours are available, and there are also many different finishes you can choose from.

Ask us for expert advice on your next brick slips installation and browse our selection of beautiful traditional brick slips to get the specific colour and style you are looking for. You can also request samples from us to make sure that you choose the perfect traditional brick slips for your needs.

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