The Different Colours of Brick Slips

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The Different Colours of Brick Slips

If you are looking for a great way to add style to your home, you can do this with beautiful brick slips. Brick slips allow you to have the same look as a real brick wall inside your home, with the very easy installation is wide variety of style and colour options to choose from.

You can have brick slips installed on just any wall in your home, which is great for any home owner looking to renovate or add a little style to its interior spaces. Various colour slips, you can easily allow your home to look rustic yet modern at the same time. By choosing the right colour brick slip you can easily accommodate any feel in a room, and have feature wall that perfectly complement your existing décor.

Brick Slips

Brick slips come in a variety of options, including different colours as is different textures and even different styles. This allows you to easily choose the right brick slip your home, making your walls truly stand out. Brick slips are also made from different materials and this means that you can choose the perfect brick slips for specific walls

You can get a brick slips that are quite versatile and very hard wearing, with a wide variety of textures added to it. If you are installing in a commercial environment, you can also go for BBA approved brick slips which means that it can offer you a superior quality wall, while being fired resistant at the same time. This is important for many public areas as well as commercial building projects.

Brick slips are truly versatile and they are very easy to install as they offer and lightweight. They can handle heat very well, which is why they are often seen with underfloor heating as well as around fireplaces. You can install brick slips as a DIY project, or you can get expert advice from a leading online store such as my brick wall.

Red Brick Slips

Red brick slips are very popular, mainly because they allow you to have the same traditional look as a face brick wall on the outside of your home. There are many different options available to you can choose the type and the material that suits your interior walls paste. Brick slips have many years to is spiritually UK homes as they resemble the conventional brick walls of older, traditional buildings.


With brick slips so versatile and, they can be installed almost any interior wall. A great example of a brick slips are the Louth Waterside Red Brick Slips. They have beautiful red tones as well as washed textures that make them very attractive for an interior wall. These also perfectly replicate the sea water stained bricks that you would've found in many buildings at seaside towns.

Orange Brick Slips

Orange brick slips are just as they also offer a beautiful colour inside your home. You can choose a brick slip that has a rough finish, which will give you a more traditional look, or you can go with this finish such as the South Orange Smooth Brick Slips. They offer you a very individual yet a very consistent colour, with a U of orange and red turns that make them ideal for darker and lighter environments. Another great of these smooth brick slips is that they are, it allows you to prevent them in with your existing décor in the room.

Another great option to go with is the Frome Orange Mix Brick Slips that offer you a very antique washed look and you fit the wall with these brick slips it will complete ticket aged. Things of these brick slips are heavily textured and they give you the perfect look that resembles an older or wall. They are made from a and they offer a mix of yellows and oranges to create the perfect orange brick slip.

Yellow Brick Slips

Yellow brick slips are beautiful to add to any wall in your house, as it offers you a light colour that looks beautiful on any wall. A great example this is the Stapleford Golden Yellow Brick Slip, which are made from clay and offer the perfect mix of rustic and wet looks. These beautiful yellow brick slips have a beautiful yellow tone and is free from blemishes with a few subtle Sunkist marks.

Another great yellow brick slip option is the Paddock Yellow Brick Slip. These brick slips are ideal for any home as it offers a smooth finish with a light-yellow hue. They are ideal for kitchen areas and is made from pre-cast materials. They offer a lighter finish so it’s a great alternative for homeowners who don’t want red brick slips installed.

White Brick Slips

If you are looking for a plain and white look for your interior walls, you can choose white brick slips for your walls. This is a great way to have a neutral colour in the room, can perfectly go with any other colour you already have. A great example of white slips that you can use on your interior walls is the Evesham Moulded White Brick Slips. They are made from a precast composite material, coupled with a very rustic face to give you the perfect mix of reclaimed brick slips with modern styles.

Another option you can go with ease the popular Yarmouth Modern White Brick Slip. These slips give you a constant tone of washed white with any questions or blemishes. They can be described as slip and they are designed to suit any modern home.

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