The Best Brick Slips to Create a London Vibe

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The Best Brick Slips to Create a London Vibe


Brick slips have truly become popular in recent years and with good reason. They allow you to create almost any style in your home without having to rebuild any walls. With brick slips you can easily recreate a traditional face brick wall, or go for something more stylish and design a beautiful feature wall that has the same texture as your outdoor walls.

One of the great benefits of brick slips is that you can choose different styles and materials to create the perfect look inside your home. These brick slips are very easy to work with and they are lightweight, which means that the process of installation is very easy and you can even take this on as a DIY project for yourself. 

If you are not sure which brick slips to choose, it is always a good idea to request a sample so that you can test the different designs and see what works in your home. This is a great way to see first hand what the colour and style will look like, before you start revamping your wall.

Our brick slips are always quality guaranteed and we can give you expert installation tips and advice on choosing the right product for your project.

If you are looking to add a London vibe to your home you can choose brick slips with a yellow or red tone. These brick slips are not only beautiful but will give you a traditional London look and feel right inside your home with very little effort.

You can use these brick slips to create a brand-new look throughout your home or you can simply add a beautiful feature wall that will definitely attract attention.


A London Vibe

Most traditional London brick walls have a yellow finish which means you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing brick slips to create a London vibe. This is a beautiful feature to have in your home and having your home traditionally styled will always attract attention. 

One great option is our Bow Yellow brick slips, which feature very prominent colours. They have a very bold yellow colour along with beautiful distinctive black markings which you can notice across the brick. This is ideal for a London look and popular among modern homes. You can also combine this beautiful yellow brick slips with a plain white, or another neutral colour.

Another option is our Stapleford Golden brick slips, which gives you a very rich yellow colour with a perfect mixed of weathered features. These brick slips have very light blemishes and a few subtle sun kissed marks which makes them incredibly popular. They are also heavily textured so they will be great for a feature wall inside your home.


You can go for the London Weathered brick slips for a beautiful and very authentic London vibe in your home. These brick slips are cut from London yellow bricks and they have the perfect weathered finish to make them an extremely desirable product. The colour of these brick slips is mainly yellow with some light white finishes and few black charred markings across the bricks. These brick slips are also heavily textured.


Why Brick Slips Are So Popular

There are many reasons why brick slips are so popular and the main reason is because of their incredible versatility. They are very easy to install and they are very lightweight, which means it is easy to create beautiful feature walls inside your home without making any structural changes to the walls.

Brick slips come in a wide variety of styles and colours which means that you could easily blend them into your existing décor inside the home. You can also use brick slips on your floors and on your kitchen and bathroom walls to create a beautiful splashback. These brick slips are also versatile and you could even blend different styles to get throughout your home.

Break slips handle heat very well so you can easily add them to the backdrop of your fireplace to recreate traditional brick walls. A good idea is to use BBA approved brick slips around your fireplace as they are not only very durable but have also been tested and approved to be safe. 

If you want to make sure that you get the best brick slips for your interior walls, speak to us for expert advice. We can help you choose the best product for your specific project and also send you samples so that you can test out different options.

Brick slips are incredibly popular and for a very good reason as they can instantly give you the same effect as a traditional outside brick wall without having to rebuild any of your interior walls. 

Brick slips are also very popular in high traffic areas as well as public places such as bars and restaurants. It’s easy to create an instant theme in almost any colour, with walls that are covered with modern brick slips. They require almost no maintenance, which means that brick slips are a very versatile and cost-effective investment to make.

With a wide variety of styles and colours available you can easily choose a modern style to create a feature wall for your interior or simply revamp the entire inside of your home.


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