The Answers to the Important Brick Slip Questions You Might Be Pondering!

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The Answers to the Important Brick Slip Questions You Might Be Pondering!


Brick Slips. You might have heard of them but never researched them or you know all about them but have some genuine questions about what they are all about. We understand that opting for a new product within your home might seem like a daunting prospect but trust us when we say that Brick Slips are going to completely transform your home.

We understand that you might have some ideas for Brick Slips or you want to know more because you’re just not sure if they’ll work for you and that’s fine. However, what we want to do is answer some commonly asked questions because we know how amazing Brick Slips will look in any area of your home. We don’t want you to miss out on one of the most stylish decor solutions currently on the market.


Can I Use Brick Slips in a Fireplace?

We understand just how good brickwork looks around a fireplace but perhaps you don’t have this feature in your home and want it. Fortunately, this is where Brick Slips can provide a solution but you’re wondering if they are fireproof?

The simple answer to this question is that they are fireproof as they are either made from clay or are precast using concrete or composite material. Obviously, there is no denying that heat can cause problems over time but it’s not as if your fire is going to be roaring every day throughout the winter months. What this means is that they are perfect for use on a fireplace and it’s important to point out that they are non-combustible.

The reality is that they are not just practical and safe but they also help to turn a tired-looking fireplace into a focal point of any room. By design, they are fireproof and they would need to take a lot of heating up to begin looking worse for wear. Therefore, they will continue to look exceptionally good. The one thing that we do recommend is that there is a 100m clearance between the source of heat and the surface of your Brick Slips. It’s also recommended that you point all joints with fire cement as this will help to prevent any problems


Are They Likely to Fade in Colour?

As with many things around the home, things can fade and age with time but Brick Slips are different. They are made from clay or concrete which means that they won’t suffer from fading. When they first arrive they might be darker due to moisture but once they have dried out they will take on their natural colour.

Brick Slips are designed for use within the home so regardless of whether they are placed within close proximity of a heat source or in natural light, they won’t fade. You can install Brick Slips externally should you wish to and they can be affected by weathering and general environment dirt but this is easy to remove with a cleaner.


How Many Brick Slips Will I Receive Per Pack?

The packs that we offer come with 0.5m2 coverage. All of our boxes come in this size while we also offer corner packs that contain 7 corners and have coverage of 0.5m2.

Are They Easy to Install?

Just like anything else around the home, if you have experience with DIY then there is no reason why you cannot install Brick Slips yourself. You would need to make sure that you have the correct materials which include Brick Slip adhesive and the right colour pointing mortar. You’ll also require a sealant if you are installing them in areas that are prone to moisture or water exposure.

Brick Slips are as intriguing as they are beautiful but we want to make sure that you understand what they offer by providing answers to some important questions that you might be asking.