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Our Projects

With over 8,000 orders placed per year we do our best to collect as many projects as possible to allow our new customers an insight of what can be done with our products and the brilliant imaginations of our customers!

From Brick tiles to Brick Slips the options are endless, if you like what you see, simply click on the image and it will take you straight to the product where you can also buy them or, get a sample!

Each month we run a completion to allow our customers a chance to win the cost of their order back. To enter simply submit your project photo(s) to 


Brick Tile Projects

Our most popular brick effect tile is our New York Rustic Brick Red Tiles has covered over 7,000 Square meters of wall space to date and here are some of the results.

New York Rustic Red - Brick tiles

Above is a stunning example of what our customer created installing these textured brick tiles to create a beautiful feature in their home. These have been coupled with our silver brick tile grout.

brick tiles my brick wall

Above is a recent project undertaken by one of our customers also, creating a feature wall within their home.


Above is a creation from one of our customers showing their fantastic project of creating a back drop within their living room using the New York Rustic Brick Tiles.



Above: Surrounding a very modern and beautiful kitchen, our New York Brick Effect tiles add the perfect touch to give this kitchen the finish it deserves.


Above: one of the more interesting examples of what can be achieved with the New York Rustic Brick Effect Tiles. This customer created a stunning darts area and even curve cut the tiles to create a very unique feature.


Above: this is our Mixed Grey Brick Effect Tile, this has been used to create a stunning chimney breast used as a feature wall with an inset TV. One of our favourites so far!


Above: the New York Rustic Brick Effect tile has been used in this bathroom to creating a calming and atmospheric finish to the home.

Brick Slip Projects

Brick Slips are a fantastic and favourable way of creating a feature both inside and outside the home. Their uses and looks are endless!

Below are some of our favourite finishes our customers have created!


Above is a gorgeous representation of what can be created in the home with the use of our brick slips and the skill of our customers. This customer used our London Warehouse Brick Slips laid perfectly in a brick bond finish.



Above: Almost finished the customer opted to use our stunning cottage blend brick slips which is now one of our most popular products, They have created the perfect surround for their log burning stove and are just awaiting their Mantel to give it that finishing touch!


Above: A gorgeous end result for our customer who has completely transformed their fireplace in to a stunning and character packed space within their home. The product used is our Newbury Grey Brick Slips, this has been well pointed and coupled with beautiful furnishings and lights to really give it the WOW factor!


Above: One of our newer products but quickly becoming one of the most popular, the Knightsbridge blend brick slips were used to create a feature fireplace in the home of our customer who has accessorised it perfectly to create a very warm and cosy finish.


Above: one of our favourites, this customer opted to use our Millhouse brick slips which are packed full of character and colour to really create that eye-catching feature in the home.


Above: Again this is an example of what can be achieved with the Knightsbridge blend brick slips for a feature wall.


Above: The stunning bedroom feature is used creating our Hornsea Rustic Brick Slips and offer a traditional blend of reds and burnt reds.


Above is our most popular grey brick slip, the Padstow Grey brick slips and they have been used to transform this fireplace in to a modern and elegant part of the home.

Millhouse Rustic Blend

The above is our Millhouse Brick slips again, this time they have been used to create a footfall area in the home and offer a very fitting and rustic finish.