Pointing Brick Slips

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Pointing Brick Slips

Pointing Brick Slips is an incredibly important part of the process of getting that perfect Brick feature wall! Brick Slip Pointing is the process by which mortar is used to fill in the gaps between the brick slips. Brick Slip Pointing can be done using several different methods, including tuckpointing, Gun Injected and featheredge work. This post will give you an introduction to Brick Pointing so you know how it's done.

Gun Injected Mortar

- Gun Injected Mortar is the most popular option for home-owners, it is incredibly simple to do an involves minimal work. Once your brick slips are installed and have set you would simply mix your posting up in line with the instructions on the rear of the packet and then fill your pointing gun (which can be brought from all hardware stores) and get ready to use!

- To apply mortar via the gun injected method, simply place the nozzle of the gun in-between the brick slips, squeeze the leaver and let it sit just proud of the brick slips. Once done it is then recommended to use a hard wire brush to brush of any excess and allow the mortar to sit flush with the brick work. This method is extremely popular with the looking to install DIY.

Traditional Pointing

A more traditional method to pointing is to use a painting trowel, the same with gun injected mortar, you are required to mix the mortar as per the instructions on the rear of the packet. Then once mixed you would use a pointing trowel to place the mortar in between the brick slips. After this has been done you can use many different tools to create a variety of finishes on the mortar the most popular and easy to achieve is a curved inset mortar finish. Again once completed you will then need to use a hard wire brush to brush of any excess especially that of which sits on the face of the brick.