Pairing Up Brick Slips With Your Decor

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Pairing Up Brick Slips With Your Decor


We all want the perfect home and we all have unique styles and taste when it comes to decor. Some homes are naturally traditional such as cottages which have older features while newer properties are often more contemporary and modern. So, if you are looking to change things up while still keeping with the style of your home then brick slips provide the perfect solution.

Finding brick slips near me couldn’t be easier because we offer a huge range of brick slips including clay and precast brick slips. Whatever you are looking for, we are confident that you can find the right brick slip for your home. So, what brick slips are available and how can they fit into your desired look?


Modern Interiors

Modern interiors can take many different forms. It can range from sharp angles and statement colours to minimalistic, proving just how versatile this kind of decor can be. However, if you are looking to introduce brick slips into your home then there is something that will add something extra to your home without detracting from the modern look.

The Hadleigh Space Grey Brick Slips create an urban style that compliments any modern decor. You could also opt for the Spalding Perfect White Brick Slips which provide a clinical yet modern feel with a texture that creates an element of character.




The minimalist concept is based on keeping the design simple and uncluttered. It brings together a touch of modern but also provides a clinical look that is synonymous with properties in old industrial warehouses. However, the great thing with a minimalist is that you can introduce a more traditional looking Brick Slip or you can go ultra-modern to inject something different.

Opting for the Black Brick Slips introduces a stunning look that can bring together colour and design in any minimalist property. They create a dark feature that can be offset with whites and lighter tones. However, if you want to introduce a touch of traditional then you can choose the Downton Red Brick Slips or the Stafford Farm House Blend Brick Slips. These bring in character but also the opportunity to create a focal point.



You don’t have to live in a converted industrial property to go for an industrial look. This style of decor takes inspiration from warehouses and provides an element of rawness and an unfinished appearance. If you have high ceilings, an open space and metal fixtures then Brick Slips will really fit into your space.

This kind of look really only works with traditional style Brick Slips which could include the Cottage Blend Brick Slips or the Fairford Rustic Mixed Brick Slips. These styles will really provide an industrial look and feel that will completely transform any space.




Traditional is still very much a popular style and is commonly seen in older properties such as the likes of cottages or countryside homes. You can expert quirky features such as old fireplaces and wooden windows as well as beams, providing you with the perfect opportunity to inject Brick Slips into the home.

Modern isn’t going to work but traditional style bricks are going to breathe life into any space. You have a blank canvas here and the possibilities are endless because there are so many different types of Brick Slips on offer. The Hornsea Rustic Fireplace Brick Slips provide a unique design that fits seamlessly with the current traditional trends while the London Warehouse Brick Slips can inject a subtle touch of industrial without looking out of place.

warehouse brick slips

The versatility of Brick Slips should not be overlooked when it comes to fitting them into your home. Whatever design and decor you have, there is something to suit every taste. They are suitable for modern properties, traditional homes and properties that are unique but one thing is for certain, they really do create a look that’s truly amazing.