Our Top 5 Brick Slips

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Our Top 5 Brick Slips

Brick slips truly have a lot of benefits to offer. Not only are they very easy to install but brick slips are also very versatile and can be used on any interior wall. This is one of the reasons why brick walls have become so popular with modern home owners, especially as it can give the same look and feel as a rugged outdoor brick wall.

The ability to have the same kind of walls inside your home as you do outside is a very popular feature and modern homeowners can also customise the interior walls according to their own personal style. There are a lot of styles and designs available which makes them very versatile to use in almost any interior space. 

Brick slips are especially ideal for people who want to have the same look inside their homes as they do outside. We have brick slips available for every taste as we stock a very wide variety of modern brick slips that are ideal for interior walls.

We take a look at some of our most popular brick slips that are available online.

Millhouse Brick Slips

Our Millhouse brick slip is a beautiful product that offers superior colours that are simply unmatched to any other brick slip. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a beautiful feature wall to their home. This is a very popular choice and one of our premium brick slips that also has a beautiful mixed rate finish. The facings of these brick slips are very heavily textured and this makes them very unique.

These brick slips are made from clay and the colours include a mixture of red and orange. The brick slips are around 20 mm thick and they are ideal for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls in modern homes. 


Cottage Blend Brick Slips

This is a very beautiful brick slip with a rustic look. Our Cottage Blend brick slips offer a lot of character and it can completely revamp any interior wall. These brick slips are cut from real brick which is why they offer you a lot of character but at the same time they offer a light blend mix which is perfect for any interior finish.

They are 20 mm thick and offer you a mix of great colours. They give you a beautiful rustic look for the inside of your home and it’s a favourite among modern home owners. 


Acton Red Brick Slips

Our Acton Red brick slips are ideal for the inside of your home as it is a beautiful red mix of colours that look and feel amazing. They immediately add warmth and character to your home and this is ideal for a feature home for a bright attention-grabbing wall in your kitchen or living area where you want to add a unique touch.

These brick slips are around 17 mm thick and do not require sealing. You can easily blend different colours of these brick slips to add a truly unique and very creative wall inside your modern home. They are so easy to install and you can create a beautiful feature wall inside your home with this deep, rich brick slip colour.


Hornsea Brick Slips

If you are looking for a beautiful red colour for your walls you cannot go wrong with our Hornsea brick slips. They are perfect for inside your home, especially around the fireplace. They are among our most popular choices when it comes to red bricks for the interior of your home and they are ideal for a backdrop or feature wall.

These brick slips have a beautiful rich colour and can easily be used around your fireplace to add some character and colour. It has a beautiful red and burnt tone which can be used almost anywhere inside the home and its full-bodied red tone makes this brick slip heavily texture and ideal for modern homes.

These brick slips are 15 mm thick and do not require sealing. This is ideal for stylish interiors where you want to add a splash of colour with a lot of character.


Knightsbridge Brick Slips

Our Knightsbridge brick slips of the perfect combination of cost effectiveness and impeccable quality. It has a beautiful display of an all round perfect brick wall and every piece measures 23 mm in thickness. These brick slips perfectly replicate a real traditional brick wall with a beautiful red rustic colour scheme to give you that ideal weathered look.

With our Knightsbridge brick slips you can easily create a beautiful feature wall inside your home that will immediately add depth and warmth to the room.


Another good idea is to always make sure that you seal your brick walls to give them an extra layer. When you seal these break slips you will not only make its colour and texture last for longer but you will also protect it from stains and other minor damages. You can get expert advice from us on how to choose the best sealant and how to effectively apply these layers to your interior brick slip wall.

When it comes to choosing the right brick slips for the interior of your home, always make sure that you get a few samples first, to make sure that you get the ideal colour and style you need. 

When you shop for brick slips for your home, you have so many different options to choose from and you could easily get expert advice from us to make sure that you buy the right breaks lips to add beautiful interior walls to your home.

You can view our entire catalogue online or contact us for expert advice on how to create stylish brick walls inside your home. You can also order samples to make sure you get the perfect product for your wall project. 


For more information on our range of brick slips or to find out more about our range of products, visit us online or contact us at support@mybrickwall.co.uk.