Our Budget Friendly Brick Slips

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Our Budget Friendly Brick Slips

If you are looking for a beautiful feature inside your home you can choose from our range of stylish brick slips. Not only are they cost-effective but they are very easy to work with and also very easy to install.  These brick slips can be installed almost anywhere in the home and they offer you a great alternative to a traditional wall inside the home.

Brick slips are very easy to work with as they are very lightweight and convenient. Since they are around 20 mm thick, they won't take up a lot of space in the home either. Compared to traditional bricks they are very lightweight so they can safely be added to almost any wall inside the home. With brick slips you don't have to rebuild any interior wall, while being able to have the same traditional look like a face brick wall outside. Another great benefit of brick slips is that they require virtually no maintenance over the years and offer a great investment for modern homeowners.

Brick slips come in a very wide variety of styles and colours  which means that you can be creative and create a beautiful and unique feature wall inside your home. You can start with a popular room such as the kitchen or a living area and create a beautiful backdrop that will last for many years.

Brick slips can handle heat and moisture very well which is why they are very popular as a kitchen splashback or even as a backdrop for your shower. These brick slips are available in many bright colours as well as premium finishes such as glazed brick slips that can truly add a level of style to your home that all guests can enjoy. 

You can go with mixed colour brick slips if you want to create a really beautiful, traditional brick wall inside your home. This is a great way to attract attention and it will truly make your area stand out. Whether you use them around a fireplace, inside a shower, or around your kitchen, they will look beautiful and modern in any room in the home. 


Clay Brick Slips

If you want to save a little more you can choose clay brick slips that offer you even more affordable options. Clay brick slips are often more cost-effective than traditional brick slips and they still come in a wide variety of colours to choose from. They can be installed in almost any room in the home, making them just as convenient as traditional brick slips. Although not entirely as durable as traditional brick slip, brick tiles still give you a lot of versatility. They can handle heat and moisture very well, provided that you seal them properly when you install them.

Clay Brick Slips are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as they are very lightweight and easy to install.  you can use them as a backdrop to your kitchen or you can use them in your bathroom and evil around your shower area.  in certain cases Brick Slips can also be used on the floor so that you can create a high-quality and durable floor that fits in perfectly with your walls.


Brick Tiles

Brick tiles give you even more affordability and this means you can add an affordable wall in any room, without having to rebuild any brick walls. Brick tiles are thin and lightweight and they come in many different colours such as white, grey, yellow and white. Brick tiles are extremely cost-effective and they are popular in modern homes. 

A great option for a brick tile in the kitchen is the New York Rustic Brick White Effect Brick Tiles. They are beautiful and white, and ideal for any room. Your kitchen can have a modern yet industrial feel, which is very popular these days. They go perfectly with many different colours and they can create a beautiful feature wall that will definitely attract attention. 

When choosing the right brick slips or brick tiles, make sure that you know the colours you want to work with. You can also order samples to make sure you have the right product, and that it will fit in your home easily. All our brick slips and brick tiles are quality guaranteed and they are easy to install. You can also get expert advice from us on how you can effectively create a beautiful brick slip wall for your home, and what accessories you will need to get.

You can also choose to order samples from us to make sure you have the right brick slip in the home. You can compare different products and make sure that you choose one that suits your personal style. It’s also a good way to pair different colours together to see how they will look, before you install these brick slips in the home. It’s easy to work with brick slips as they are lightweight and easy to install, plus they will last for many decades at a time. 


For more information on our range of brick slips or to find out more about our range of products, visit us online or contact us at support@mybrickwall.co.uk.