My Brick Wall – What We’re About

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My Brick Wall – What We’re About

With so many great benefits of brick slips, there are many ways you can add value to your home. With a variety of colours available, and a selection of beautiful designs and available materials, you can add a lot of value to the interior and exterior walls of your home. Brick slips are very versatile and easy to install, and offer virtually no need for maintenance. This is one reason why more homeowners are starting to revamp the interior walls with beautiful brick slips and brick tiles.

At My Brick Wall you can browse a variety of brick slips and choose a great design and colour to fit the interior of your home. We offer different colours such as red slips and yellow brick slips, as well as beautiful traditional brick slips and even glazed brick slips.

Brick Slips

With us you can shop for brick slips and choose from a wide variety of beautiful designs. This includes our popular Fairford Rustic Mixed Brick Slips, which offers a gorgeous colour and a great mix of different greys to provide you with the ideal interior style.


You can also go for a more traditional red brick slip such as our Bedford Antique Red Brick Slip that offer you a very traditional look that resembles and exterior face brick wall. This is just two of the great options you can choose from if you want to install brick slip walls in your home.


Brick slips are very popular and sometimes also referred to as brick tiles. They are manufactured from very thin cuts of real brick, which is ideal for almost any wall. They were originally used to mimic the look of and exterior face brick wall, but over time they have become very popular choice for interior designers and homeowners who want to unique yet practical look for your walls.


The great benefit of brick slips is that they can easily be installed on almost any wall, even at fireplaces, and they work perfectly with underfloor heating. They are also ideal for commercial environments, especially if you choose to work with a BBA approved brick slip design.

Brick Tiles

Brick tiles are very similar and they give you a variety of design options, including light and dark colour options. At My Brick Wall we allow you to browse online for a variety of brick tiles that can suit the inside and outside of your home. A popular option is our Cottage Blend Cream Brick Tile, which gives you a beautiful design for any feature wall inside your home.

Brick tiles are becoming very popular, as they resemble the look of a real brick wall, but they are lightweight and very easy to work with. Brick tiles are lightweight, easy to work with, require little to no maintenance, with many different styles and designs.


Clay Brick Slips

Clay brick slips are durable and very cost effective, and very easy to work with. They allow you to have the same look inside your home as you do outside, making it a great option if you want to revamp your home. We stock a variety of clay brick slips for all types of walls. You can use a variety of clay brick slips for your feature walls and make it easy to create a brand-new look for your home.

Some of our best clay brick slip options include the Millhouse Rustic Blend Brick Slips which gives a great warm colour to your home. The have a beautiful colour and they are ideal for feature. They are made to look similar to an external brick wall with the same rustic look that you can now enjoy indoors. Clay brick slips are very durable and they are ideal for a variety of uses.

Porcelain Brick Tiles

There are many different options to choose from and is HD technology to get these brick effect tiles looking at their absolute best. One great option is the Vegas Sand Single Brick Tiles. You have a beautiful design with rustic edges and they are made from porcelain. This means they are durable and a made for any journal wall of your home. There also durable enough to be used outside.

Porcelain brick tiles are hard wearing and offer you a great alternative to normal brick slips. They are made from porcelain and comes in many different styles and designs, to mimic the look of a real brick wall while offering all the durability and the effects of porcelain. They come in many different designs and they are very easy to install, both indoors and outdoors.


Smooth Brick Slips

With smooth brick slips you will have a beautiful and minimal look inside, using the effect of a brick -like wall. We have various smooth brick slips available in different colours, of which the most ones are different shades of grey. Our Tipton Slate Grey Brick Slip offers a beautiful grey design and they are ultramodern and minimal for your home. They give you the ability to have highly contemporary interior finish to your walls.


Traditional Brick Slips

Traditional brick slips are great for interior and exterior walls and with a wide variety of brick slips available from My Brick Wall, you can find all the brick slips you need for your home. We provide you with unlimited samples as well as very low prices and fast delivery to your door. You can buy a variety of traditional brick slips from us online and we are available daily for any support and price quotes you may need.

If you are unsure about the type of brick slip unique, browse through our different colours and ask for samples. You'll easily see the quality of the products we offer and how it can allow you to have beautiful feature walls inside and outside.

For more information about brick slips for your home, contact My Brick Wall today at or view our collections online.