Mortar or Grout with Brick Tiles? It’s Time to Put Things Right

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Mortar or Grout with Brick Tiles? It’s Time to Put Things Right

We all have visions and ideas for our homes because we want them to become places that feel personal. From different style kitchens to extensions and colour themes, they all enable us to put our own stamp on a property.

It’s not just paint, flooring and colours that give your home character because things such as wall tiles can add a touch of style too. So, you might find yourself looking at different options and might be thinking about installing brick slips but you might have also noticed brick tiles too. Either way, you might not know the difference between the two, so let’s look at that briefly.


Brick Slips and Brick Tiles

Brick slips are individual pieces of brick that have a thinner profile than a standard brick. Once they are installed, they look like a real, full size brick and they also have the texture of a brick.

Brick tiles are different as they are porcelain tiles and much like the standard tiles that we put on walls in bathrooms and kitchens. The difference is that they have the feel of a standard tile but with a brick design, making them look like the real thing.

So, now we have explored the differences, when installing brick tiles, should you use mortar or grout?

Mortar and grout are used in many different types of construction work and they are both used to fill joints. However, this is where the similarities end.



When using bricks or brick slips, the individual pieces have to be joined together. This can be done using traditional mortar or gun injection mortar. It is dense and workable but when dried, it offers a solid and stable joint. It also comes as cement-based or lime-based and they can both be used for brick slips.



Grout is another similar product but it is used in a completely different way. Furthermore, it is mainly used with tiles such as brick tiles. It is a filler that is screeded into the joint before the surface is cleaned after it is applied. Eventually, it will dry to create a solid finish.

Now, you might think that grout can be used with brick slips but this is not possible. This is because of the nature of the product and the textures.

While brick tiles might look like real tiles, it might be tempting to use mortar to continue that real look. Despite this, you must use grout when installing tiles as this is what it is designed for and it will work better with your tiles. This might seem obvious to many but it is an area that some might not be aware of. The last thing you want is to use mortar with brick tiles as this will only detract from the look and finish. This is especially true because brick slips look absolutely stunning when they are installed, so it makes sense to use the right products.