Modernizing Your Fireplace with Brick Slips

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Modernizing Your Fireplace with Brick Slips 

When it comes to decorating your home, nothing makes a bigger impact than a beautiful feature wall. From a small wall in a bathroom, to a complete revamp of your living room walls, a feature wall is a great way to add style and value to your home. But there’s one specific area that you may be overlooking – your fireplace. 

Your fireplace is a great attraction in any home and this is you should make sure that it stands out. Older homes especially have fireplaces that have traditionally been laid out brick walls. It's a great to have, and many homeowners want to retain that look of a rugged brick wall as a backdrop to the fireplaces.

With modern brick slips and even brick tiles, this is entirely possible and you can even go a bit further and be creative with a variety of designs and textures. Plus, you can benefit from a very easy installation process, especially if you buy all the right accessories from your brick slip supplier in the UK. You can take this on as a DIY installation, which is perfect for homeowners who are looking to revamp the inside of your home.

Perfect for Any Fireplace

You can create a beautiful for your fireplace using a combination of brick slips and brick tiles. Both of these offers are very creative, plus they are very durable and can lost you for many years. With it you have a small fireplace in the middle of the room, or a large fireplace that forms of a beautiful feature in your home, you can create the perfect backdrop by using a variety of styles with modern brick slips.

Slips are very durable and this is why they are the perfect backdrop for your fireplace or your chimney breast covering. With a rugged, traditional brick wall image, you will have the perfect fireplace to stand out in your home. Many people choose to stick to a red brick slip as this gives an original look and feel, and it can also support the warmth that environment gives.

You can choose a variety of colours to brick slips as well, such as yellow brick slips, grape slips, and even go light right brick slip. It was also look great around fireplaces, especially if you choose a brick slip with a rough finish and a stained look.

Or you can try to be creative and add a beautiful coloured brick slip of your fireplace for, which completely blend into the rest of your room's décor. This is a great way to give a personal touch to your home, keeping the overall look and feel of the wall.

Creating a Traditional Look

Traditional brick slips are extremely popular, as like to have the same look and feel around the fireplace that a traditional wall has. Come in a wide variety of styles, and most of them have a beautiful look that is perfect for fireplaces. 


One such example is our Milhouse Rustic Blend brick slips which gives you a rough look and also a blend of different types of rates are ages and browns. If you are looking for a more rustic look, you can go for our Leighton XL Brick Slips. These brick slips offer you for a rustic, little bit of whiting. They look as if they are interlinked and then create a beautiful wall around your fireplace or chimney breast covering.

Traditional books most choice you have if you want to have a real effect that looks exactly like a face brick wall. These brick slips easy to install, lightweight and don't require any maintenance. This means they are affordable versatile and can add a lot of value to your home.   

Modern Brick Slips

Modern brick slips are perfect for a fireplace backdrop or a chimney breast covering. They allow for a full, modern to a traditional brick slip, allowing you to have a variety of colours and designs available. Not only are these brick slips easy to install, but you can easily have the match almost any colour you have going in your room. Modern homes can benefit from these brick slips as they provide you with a very easy installation, analyte slip that look the same as a traditional brick wall, but with of colour and style.

A great example of a modern brick slip is our Thaxted Smooth Buff Brick Slips, which gives you a smooth and level finish, in a beautiful yellow colour. Casings of these slips are heavily textured and these brick slips are made of, so they are very durable. They can also be paired with brick tiles for a durable floor covering. 

These are just some of the great choices you can consider when you want to revamp your fireplace and your living room in general. A five is already a great benefit for any home, and you can make this even better by revamp the area creating a beautiful brick -like effect for a very traditional look behind the fireplace.

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