Making Your Room Look Bigger With Brick Slips

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Making Your Room Look Bigger With Brick Slips

It’s a fact of life but most of us are not blessed with homes that are stately in design which means that many of us have to make use of the space that we have. Therefore, not every room is the right shape or size but there are things that we can do to enhance the space and make it feel and look bigger.

Apart from extending your home or moving, both of which are costly, you can spend time working on your interior and enhancing it to the point where you truly maximise the space you have. This will allow you to get creative but also discover just how Brick Slips can play a significant role.


Draw Attention to Room Corners

If you want to make a room look and feel bigger then it’s all about tricking the eye and creating the illusion that the space does actually exist. Too often, rooms are cluttered with furnishings and furniture that sit in the middle of the room, leaving things looking cramped and squashed but there is a way around this. The aim is to avoid drawing attention to those common areas such as the chimney breast but look at ways of drawing the eyes outwards because that will create the feeling of more space. Part of this is how you arrange your furniture as well as the furnishings but you also want to consider any alcoves that you have that might sit on either side of your chimney breast. Therefore, opting for something like the Evesham Moulded White Brick Slips or the Middleton Pastrel Brick Slips will add some brightness to those dark corners, helping to increase the way in which the room feels.


Reduce The Amount of Furniture

We have touched on this but people want to create a homely and comfortable feeling by introducing large sofas, large furnishings and rugs as well as plants that hide walls. With a small amount of space, it’s important to avoid adding too much into it as this can make the walls feel as though they are closing in. Therefore, choose smaller sofas that are suitable for the room and then opt for slim pieces of furniture on legs that help to create a feeling of space around it. Next, sort through the clutter and remove anything that might be impeding on space unnecessarily. At this point, you can begin to consider using Brick Slips. You can create a feature window place if you have a recessed window as the Yellow Speckle Brick Slips are a great way of introducing colour as well as a feature that again, help to draw the eyes to another area of the room as opposed to the centre, where the furniture is placed.


Draw the Eye Upwards

One clever way of creating the illusion of space is to make the eye look upwards and that can leave a room feeling taller and wide than it is. When it comes to lengthening the height of the walls, the important thing to avoid is ensuring that any darker colours are kept in the lower half of the room while keeping lighter tones on top. If you have a dark floor then you are going to want to make sure that the walls are of a lighter colour and that is where you could opt to use Brick Slips. The Spalding Perfect White Brick Slips are ideal for creating this effect as they are crisp looking while the light colour helps to create a feeling of space from floor to ceiling.

Brick Slips can fall in with any decor or design but getting the most from your space is crucial. With a huge range of styles and colours available, it couldn’t be easier to incorporate them into your interior design ideas.