London Brick Slip Styles

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London Brick Slip Styles

Brick slips are incredibly popular especially if you want to use them to create a specific style in your home. They allow you to be very creative without having to rebuild any interior walls. With brick slips you can easily recreate a traditional face brick wall, or go for something more stylish and design a beautiful feature wall that has the same texture as your outdoor walls.

When it comes to creating a specific style, creating a London style is a great way to add a unique look to your home. London styles are not only beautiful but very popular in UK homes. 

Most traditional London brick walls have a yellow finish which means you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing brick slips to create a London vibe. This is a beautiful feature to have in your home and having your home traditionally styled will always attract attention. 

Our brick slips are always quality guaranteed and we can give you expert installation tips and advice on choosing the right product for your project.

If you are looking to add a London vibe to your home you can choose brick slips with a yellow or red tone. These brick slips are not only beautiful but will give you a traditional London look and feel right inside your home with very little effort.

You can use these brick slips to create a brand-new look throughout your home or you can simply add a beautiful feature wall that will definitely attract attention.

Break slips handle heat very well so you can easily add them to the backdrop of your fireplace to recreate traditional brick walls. A good idea is to use BBA approved brick slips around your fireplace as they are not only very durable but have also been tested and approved to be safe. 


London Warehouse

London Warehouse Brick Slips give you a great colour and style, as they give you the perfect blend with great tones. They have a rustic finish with yellow and brown colours that give you a great tick look in a true London style. They are thin and lightweight which means that they are easy to use in almost any room in the home. They can also be paired with different coloured brick slips especially if you want to break the colour and add a bright coloured feature wall.

These brick slips are not only convenient to use but they require almost no maintenance or which means that they can look their best for many years to come.

London Warehouse Brick Slips

London Weathered

You can go for the London Weathered brick slips for a beautiful and very authentic London vibe in your home. These brick slips are cut from London yellow bricks and they have the perfect weathered finish to make them an extremely desirable product. The colour of these brick slips is mainly yellow with some light white finishes and few black charred markings across the bricks. 

These brick slips are also heavily textured, so they make for the perfect finish. They are ideal for living areas and even kitchens as they give you a very big finish that is very popular UK homes. They are also very easy to install and they are lightweight so they can easily fit onto your existing walls. They don’t meet any maintenance which makes them very cost-effective in the long run.

London Weathered

Bow Rustic

Our Bow Rustic Yellow Brick Slips are truly unique as they give you a beautiful yellow colour gives you a very authentic London look inside your home. Their report yellow colouring along with their distinctive markings allow you to create a unique look that will definitely attract attention throughout the home. This is one of our premium brick slips and definitely a great option to go with if you want a traditional London vibe inside your home.



Our Kington Industrial Brick Slips are perfect for any feature wall in your home as they offer you a beautiful finish that is full of colourings. This includes deep market yellows as well as whitewashed pounds and a mixture of greys and whites. They give you a distinctive look which is very unique and ideal if you want a London vibe in your home. They are perfect slips use in all areas of the home especially if you are looking for a contemporary urban finish to your interior space.


If you want to make sure that you get the best brick slips for your interior walls, speak to us for expert advice. We can help you choose the best product for your specific project and also send you samples so that you can test out different options.

With a wide variety of styles and colours available you can easily choose a modern London style to create a feature wall for your interior or simply revamp the entire inside of your home. Combined with expert help and advice you can easily choose the right brick slips for your home and get all the brick slips accessories that you need for your installation.

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