Lacking Light? Use Brick Slips to Brighten a Room

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Lacking Light? Use Brick Slips to Brighten a Room

Not every home is blessed with natural light and that can prove frustrating for homeowners, especially during the winter months. Of course, we have artificial lighting to rely on but that alone can sometimes prove a little too much on the eyes. In fact, even in those times where rooms get some natural light, you simply don’t want to put on your lights because you prefer natural light.

However, some rooms can just seem too dark to enjoy and so, they need a slight lift. Aside from spending thousands on rooflights or putting more windows in place, you do have some options, one of which is installing brick slips but we know what you’re thinking….how will bricks lighten up my room?


It’s About Creating a Brighter Look

You might think that adding brick slips to your home is counterproductive because they are dark but this is not the case. This is because brick slips are available in lighter, brighter colours. This doesn’t mean that you have to install them and put your decor ideas and dreams to one side. Brick slips can complement your home and style with ease.

We have white, yellow and grey bricks available and they’re all bright and modern. The white brick slips are going to give you the feeling that your space is brighter and spacious. Greys will also do the same but if you have a certain style, these might work better. The yellow brick slips will also bring a brighter look and feel to your space.


Create a Feeling of Space

Much like using white or magnolia paint, the lighter the brick slips are, the more space you are going to create. Furthermore, the light will reflect off the lighter coloured brick slips, allowing it to bounce around the room.

Sometimes, a lack of natural light is made worse by a lack of space and the two together can leave your room feeling dark and cramped. However, make the change to brick slips and you will instantly feel the benefits. Your room will feel bigger even though you haven’t made any structural changes to it.


Brick Slips Work in any Space

The great thing about brick slips is their versatility. They are ideal for any space in the home. This can be the kitchen, staircase, hallway, bedroom or even your living room. They create a warm and inviting feel but with the right colour, they can enhance the room and how it feels.

Furthermore, if you incorporate mirrors with your brick slips, you are going to add more light to your room with very little effort.

Brick slips are versatile, easy to install and they look great, regardless of where you place them. There is no need to undertake expensive renovation works to add more light, all you need to do is make one change and you really will notice the difference, so now is the time to consider brick slips and all that they offer.