It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Standard Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

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When we consider the most important rooms in the home, most people might choose the living room but we think that there are other rooms in the home that could be overlooked.


The kitchen and the bathroom.

Both are hugely important rooms and when it comes to design, we are now becoming more creative than ever. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It’s where conversations take place and it’s where hearty family meals are cooked. The bathroom can go from a place that provides a practical aspect to daily life to a place that can become a haven of serenity after a hard day at the office but they have one thing in common - traditionally, they both have wall tiles.


Break Away from Tradition

There is no denying that wall tiles are now more varied than ever before. Whether you’re seeking a trendy splashback for your kitchen or you want the wow factor in your bathroom, you’ll find tiles of all styles and designs. Sure, they all look great but are not what we would consider unique!

Why follow tradition when you are redesigning your kitchen or bathroom? Perhaps it's time to break away from the norm and push boundaries because you certainly have something unique to turn to - brick tiles.



Why Brick Tiles?

Why not? There are now all kinds of tiles available but brick tiles are extremely unique and if you want something that is going to create an impact then brick tiles are the solution. Unlike standard tiles, where you will find something similar in homes up and down the country, brick tiles are different, quirky and they look superb once they are in place.

In the kitchen, they make the ideal splashback because they are made in the same way as standard tiles. While they might look real, they are moulded using ceramic or porcelain which means that they are just as durable as other types of tiles.

However, you can create that exposed brick or industrial look to accompany your modern kitchen. Keep it rustic with the New York Rustic Brick Red Effect Wall Tile or go ultra-modern with the Charcoal Brick Tile in grey. It’s that perfect blend of style and elegance while complementing any look.

If you’re creating somewhere you can escape to, then the bathroom is the perfect place for bringing together the brick look with soft touches. That blend of solid brick-looking tile and comfort will create a haven where you can slip away for some much needed time alone away from the trappings of life.



Create Your Dream Look

The truth is that everyone is now searching for the next trend and the next solution to create a space that is truly unique to them. Brick tiles are still relatively new yet more and more people are beginning to turn to them. They come in a huge array of styles and colours, which means that they’ll fit seamlessly into any space around the home. However, the kitchen and bathroom are areas where tiles are commonly used and that’s why we believe they make the perfect alternative.

They are as simple to install as standard tiles yet they deliver a unique look while they can be wiped and cleaned in the same way. So, whether you have adventurous children who are experts are splashing around in the bath or you want a kitchen that is easy to maintain, brick tiles are what you’ve been looking for.

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