How to make the Best Feature Wall

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How to Make the Best Feature Wall

There are many ways in which you can create a beautiful interior finish for your home. One way to do this is to add a great modern style to your walls in the form of brick slips or brick tiles. With so many great options to choose from you can really be creative and make your own personality stand out on your interior walls. Many homeowners choose to have a feature wall designed specifically for a room or space in the home, allowing it to stand out and create a beautiful attraction in any room.

Feature walls is a great option if you're looking to revamp an interior wall without having to make any major structural changes. Feature walls can be added to almost any room in the house, including areas such as your hallway, living room and kitchen. Feature walls can have any design you want, but they are especially attractive if you use of modern, beautiful brick slips or brick tiles.

A great option to go with is to choose a creative brick slip design in a bright or bold colour. This can include popular colours such as yellow brick slips or red brick slips, or you can go for a specific pattern such as a mosaic brick slip. These tiles are incredibly popular as they offer you a wide variety of choices when it comes to creating a modern feature wall in your home.

Feature walls can be seen in many modern homes and they are a great option for any area where you need a modern touch to make the room look more inviting, or any area where you want to add a touch of personal style. With so many great brick slips available, you can easily make it possible to have a wall that stands out in your home and attract the attention of your guests. 


Creating a Beautiful Feature Wall

There are great ways to add a beautiful feature wall to areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, including the use of glazed brick slips. Glazed brick slips are essentially at clay brick slip that has a ceramic facing which is glazed. They are suitable for internal use, and come in a wide variety of colours. Often seen as an exclusive collection, these brick slips are perfect for homeowners who are looking for a very easy to clean solution, with colours including blue, green, white, orange, and black. Glazed brick slips make a beautiful feature wall inside your home.

Some of the colour choices you can go with emerald green and traditional grey or black brick tiles. Since they have such a beautiful finish, they can be used as a feature wall in areas such as your living room or kitchen, or you can simply use these walls throughout your home to add a beautiful and modern style. These brick slips are very durable, so they require very little maintenance and offer a great investment for any home owner.

Brick tiles also come with a lot of benefits and you can go for a favourite such as the Charcoal Brick Tile or even Dark Blend Brick Tiles. These are both options as they provide you with a fairly smooth interior finish while still giving you the brick like effect.

You can also be more creative and go for the Vegas White Single Brick Tile which is a great way to create a feature wall in your kitchen area. Brick tiles are primarily used for their aesthetic appeal, as they offer a quick and practical alternative to conventional bricks. You can now have a brick-like finish on your walls – indoors and outdoors.


Another option is to go with a weathered look that is especially popular as it can instantly turn any interior environment into a rustic and rugged look that fits in perfectly with homes. These types of brick slips give a heavier texture finish to your walls, similar to what exterior walls look like.


Some of the great benefits of using brick tiles for your feature walls include the fact that there are various colours available, the lightweight and durable, they are very easy to install on interior walls, and they require little to no maintenance.


Feature walls are not only reserved for residential areas, as they can easily be applied to commercial areas as well. You can add a beautiful feature wall to your restaurant up, creating a centre piece of attraction for any environment. You can also choose a specific brick slip that comes in the same colour as the decor layout you have, and you can choose a slightly different material to truly make it stand out and attract attention.


When it comes to installing feature wall, always make sure that you choose just the right brick tile to work with. If you are not sure about the specific style of material to choose, request a few samples to compare them side-by-side before you order. Also make sure that you have all the right accessories to make your installation so much easier. If you're planning to install a feature wall in the bathroom and kitchen, always make sure that you properly seal the brick tiles as they will likely have handle moisture or slightly warmer air.


With the right professional advice, you can easily take on your feature wall as a DIY project in your home. You can add beautiful brick slips or brick tiles to your wall, giving it a unique look that is also modern and very versatile.


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