How To Install Brick Slips

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How To Install Brick Slips

We believe brick slips are incredibly easy to install and allow you to create the perfect brick effect wall within your home. As with any installation preparation is key! The same goes for installing brick slips, it is important you have all the right equipment and materials to allow for a perfect and straightforward installation.

Below is a list of the basic tools required to install brick slips yourself, a few of these can be changed but as a company that has experience, these are our favourite tools!


  • Brick Slips (You need these for obvious reason ensure you order 15% more then you measured)


  • Adhesive (This is for fixing brick slips to the wall, you’ll need one bag for every 5m2)


  • Pointing Mortar (This goes between the gaps of the brick slips)


  • Spacers (you’ll need these to get a consistent gap between the brick slips)


  • Adhesive Trowel (for spreading the adhesive to walls/brick slips)


  • Pointing trowel or gun (for applying the pointing mortar)


  • Level (ensures a continuous and consistent level)


  • Wet Tile Saw (for cutting the brick slips)


  • Pencil/Mark


  • Tape Measure


  • Two Buckets



Setting Out For Installing Brick Slips

The most important step when it comes to installing brick slips. And when the question is asked “how to install brick slips” take note of this step!


1. First and foremost measure your wall from left to right. Once you have done this find the centre. For example - Your wall measures 200cm’s The centre of your wall would be 100cm. Put a mark at this point on your wall.


2. Take your level and put it vertically against this mark (ensure the bubble is in the centre on your level) draw a vertical line where your mark is all the way from the floor to the ceiling.


You now have the centre of your wall!


When you install brick slips it is important they replicate a brick wall, if you look at a brick wall you can see they have a certain staggered pattern. This is incredibly easy to achieve.


3. To do this, measure one of your brick slips - For example you brick slip is 21.5cm half of this will be 10.75cm.


Now go from the perfectly centre line you drew and measure either left or right (it doesn’t matter what side) the measurement you got from your brick slips (in the example above it is 10.75cm) so from your centre line you measure 10.75cm to the left or right and make a mark. Now you have that mark, repeat step 2.

You now have two vertical lines.


Preparation Of Brick Slips

Now that is done it comes to finally installing your brick slips (almost) the Ley is to getting ready, grab your two buckets, in the first mix up your adhesive as per the instructions on the back. Be careful not to mix up too much at once.

Make sure you have your brick slips, spacers and trowel to hand.

Keep a bucket of water with clean water (you will use this to clean your trowel as required)



Installing The Brick Slips To The Wall

You are now completely ready!


1. Take your first brick slip, apply adhesive to the back of the brick slip with your trowel, now place your first brick slips on the wall on the left hand side of the first vertical line you drew. Then apply adhesive to your second brick slip, and apply that next to the first one, placing a spacer between the two, continue for as long as you can before you run out of space for a full brick slip.


2. You will now likely be left with a space that is smaller than a full brick slip. Measure the space - for example 6cm. Take a full brick slip make a mark at 5cm (The reason we are marking 1cm shorter is to allow room for the spacer) Once you have made your mark, turn on your wet cutter and cut the brick to your 5cm measurement.


3. Repeat step 1 but now you want to go the other way from the centre line so you have a complete bottom row done.


4. You now have a full row completed its time for row two! So take a brick slip and install from the second vertical line you drew (you will see that this brick slip on the second row is off-set from the brick slip below. Be sure to use spacers to separate the rows) and then continue left to right until your second row is complete. Once this is done you will then repeat step one!


You have successfully installed your brick slips, as promised it was easy and straightforward. Allow you brick slips to dry before moving on too pointing.


Pointing the brick slips


Depending on how you wish to point brick slips gives you two different installations so we will go with the easier which is to point them with a gun (similar to a silicone gun).


  1. Prepare you brick slip mortar
  2. Using the gun, put the nozzle between the brick slips (after you have removed the spacers) and squeeze the trigger, filling the gaps with mortar
  3. Before it drys use a pointing trowel to remove any excess between the brick slips
  4. Lastly using a wire brush, brush diagonally to remove any residue.


You have done it! Now send us in your project!