How Long Do Brick Slips Last?

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How Long Do Brick Slips Last?

When it comes to brick slips there are a lot of benefits to enjoy, especially in terms of durability. Not only are they lightweight and strong, but they are easy to work with and come in a variety of styles and designs. This makes them incredibly popular among homeowners who want to revamp their home in an affordable way.

You don’t want to go through all the hassle of having constructed, using brick slips is a fast way of getting your interior revamped. You can easily update the inside of your home and also to disguise an old wall to make it look much newer and modern for everyone.

Brick slips have the same appearance as traditional bricks, which is why they are so popular in modern homes. Brick slips are also great for retail spaces as they allow you to convert any space into a modern and visually appealing area for guests to enjoy.

Brick slips can technically last forever if you take good care of them. This is one reason why they are so popular, as they require hardly any maintenance over time. Brick tiles can be installed almost anywhere, and if you properly prepare them and seal them afterwards with a protective layer, they will last for many decades. Brick slips are highly durable so they won’t easily damage, and if you use a proper sealant, even if it’s a clear coat on top of your brick slips, you will see them last forever.

What are brick slips made of?

Brick slips are made from various materials but generally there are two types available. Brick slips can be cut from normal bricks which makes them look very real and gives you the ability to have your inside walls look exactly like the outside walls. When they are cut from the face of standard clay bricks it is a more traditional option for homeowners who want to have the same look that normal face brick walls would have given outside.

Pre-made clay bricks are very popular as they are cost-effective and has the ability to be manufactured in a variety of styles and colours so that you can choose almost any design for your home. Clay brick slips are extremely popular as they come in many different styles and they are also very easy and effortless to work with. 

Another great benefit of clay brick slips is that they can handle heat very well so perfect for indoor areas which include the backdrop of fireplaces. This is a popular area where homeowners usually install clay brick slips as it looks very beautiful and is ideal for these backdrops.

Where to use brick slips

Since these brick slips handle heat very well they work great with underfloor heating, so you can install them on walls and floors almost anywhere in the home. 

You can also use them in areas such as bathrooms, providing that you seal them effectively so that they will not be damaged by water or damp. They make excellent feature walls in bathrooms as they come in beautiful colours and designs such as glass and beautiful glazed options.

Brick slips can often be used outside so they are easy to use for patio areas. They can withstand the elements, if you make sure to seal them properly so that water cannot damage them. You can play around with different options, which makes it easy to use brick slips throughout your home.

Normally delivered as single units they can also be assembled on site. They can vary in thickness but they are normally around 20 cm in length which makes them perfectly sized to look like real bricks. The most common reasons why people brick slips in the home is for exterior insulation. It is a great way to help insulated your home while also creating a beautiful and creative design.

This is also ideal for new buildings as you can build a traditional brick wall and then use brick slips brick tiles to feature beautiful designs and assist insulation. It is a much more cost-effective option than having to rebuild feature from scratch.

The cost of brick slips will depend on the style you choose, as well as the type of material and finish. This is why it was a good idea to look through all the different available to find the brick slips to suit the interior of your home or office perfectly. You can also revamp the existing interior walls by simply adding brick cladding as this will instantly revamp this space.

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