How Brick Slips Work With Any Interior

Posted by Dan Stevens on

How Brick Slips Work With Any Interior

Everyone has a look of their own, especially when it comes to their home. Trends come and go but there are some parts of our home that remain unchanged. However, there is one thing that you can add to your home that will give it so much more - Brick Slips.

Brick slips are unique in many ways but what they add to your property cannot be overlooked. They are everything you want them to be and that’s because they are versatile. So, what kind of interiors do they work with?


Modern Interiors

Whether it’s minimalistic, light tones and modern touches, brick slips will fit in seamlessly. They might buck the trend when it comes to modern as the look of bricks isn’t exactly modern but once you pair them up with the style of a modern home, they bring everything together. Sure, they might have a more rustic or traditional look but they are uniquely modern in their own way.

They complement modern colours and modern decor, creating a balance that takes any space to new levels.

Traditional Interiors

Whether you want that cottage style kitchen or you have a traditional looking living space, brick slips will give you a style and appearance that will transform your home. They can be added to chimney breasts, individual walls and even used as splash backs, proving just how versatile they are.

They work perfectly with traditional kitchens and exposed beams while they can work with any colour scheme too.


Chic Interiors

Chic interiors are really popular at the moment and going for that chic or eclectic look is the reason why brick slips work really well. They are different, they add an industrial feel and they complement random looks and styles.

Whether you have a touch of 70s decor or you simply like to layer textures and colours, brick slips won’t look out of place. In fact, they will add a completely new dimension to your home and give it a new look of textures and colours.


Industrial Interiors

If you want to create a home that looks as though it should be housed in an old industrial building then brick slips will tick every box. Cover entire walls with brick slips and you’ll feel as though you’re living in a modern yet sophisticated city apartment or home.

They work brilliantly well with metal or steel furnishings such as tables and sideboards but they don’t give that cold feeling that you might expect.


Colourful Interiors

Your home might be a mix of colours and styles but that’s what brick slips are made for! Add in our brick slips and choose from a variety of colours and styles and you’ll create a look that really will capture the attention of anyone who visits your home.

They work with a variety of colours, regardless of the scheme you have gone for because they simply work with any colour. From bright tones to different colours, brick slips are guaranteed to finish the look you want to achieve.