Hide Unsightly Walls With a Stylish Alternative

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Hide Unsightly Walls With a Stylish Alternative

If you have an older property, you’re probably going to understand what we mean when we say that uneven walls are a nuisance. Once you know that the walls are uneven, it’s impossible to ignore and when it comes to decorating, you are constantly reminded of the imperfections.

However, why put up with these imperfections when you can hide them. We don’t mean having your walls ripped down and made good and we don’t mean having a plaster in to plaster over them. What we are talking about is using brick slips to hide them.

That’s right! Brick slips are an ideal way to make your walls look perfect again but how is this possible?

There is Some Prep Work Needed Beforehand

When installing brick slips the subsurface has to be in excellent condition. Therefore, it is really important to make sure that you check the surface for any damage or signs of damp. If there are any problems then they will need to be rectified before you fit the brick slips.

If there are deep imperfections or bumps then you might have to make sure that they are made level as best as possible but on the whole, the prep work is minimal and shouldn’t take long to rectify.


How do Brick Slips Hide Unsightly Walls?

The good thing about brick slips is that they enable you to fit them on walls with imperfections. Even if there are small undulations in the wall, you can add more adhesive to the brick slips before you place them on the walls.

They can also be used to hide cracks where the cracks are cosmetic and not structural. You might also have walls that have a finish that you dislike such as artex or a type of brick that simply looks hideous. All you need to do is install the brick slips over the top of them.


Do I Need to Install Them Any Differently?

What makes brick slips so amazing is the way in which they are so versatile. When it comes to installing them over unsightly walls, all you’ll need to do is make sure that they are level and square. This is so you do not detract from the overall look and finish that brick slips offer. You will still use the same materials to install them such as mortar and adhesive. As mentioned, the only thing that you will need to think about is any undulations in the wall. This might require more adhesive but that does not mean any change to the installation process.

However, the one thing you will need to consider is that you cannot use too much adhesive as this could cause the installation to weaken. Anything between 20 and 30mm in depth should suffice but anything over this could lead to problems.

So, don’t put up with walls that you detest looking at. Make the decision to install brick slips and breathe life into your walls again.