Got a Garden Room - Give it the Brick Slip Look

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Got a Garden Room - Give it the Brick Slip Look

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in millions of people having to change how they work by working from home. In fact, it has also taught businesses that they don’t need staff permanently in the office and so, they are reducing office space. However, finding space to work in the home is not all that simple, especially as most people maximise the space that they have. This has seen people working on their kitchen table, their bedrooms and even in their child’s bedroom.

So, this has resulted in more people looking at how they can maximise space for working. In addition to this, people are also looking to add more space to their home while avoiding the cost of moving and so, with that need for working space or additional space, more people are looking at garden rooms.


What are garden rooms?

Garden rooms are specially designed rooms that are installed in your garden. They look a little like larger sheds or log cabins while they are also available in different materials but ultimately, it enables you to enhance space without the need for expensive extensions. So, when people install these rooms, they need to decorate them and customise them and this is where brick slips can help.


Brick Slips and Garden Rooms

A garden room is a blank canvas when it comes to the decor which means you have the freedom to do what you want. Whether you’re creating a small office or you’re turning it into a gym or games room, brick slips have a part to play.


They’re Durable

You might have heating installed in your new garden room but with the increase in heating bills, you might not want to have your heating on all of the time. Fortunately, brick slips are solid and extremely durable which means that they can withstand extreme temperatures. So, if you choose to install them, you can close the door behind you knowing that they won’t be affected by freezing temperatures and the heat won’t affect them either.


A Modern Look

Brick slips really look the part and with careful planning, the installation can be taken care of in no time at all. Once they are fixed in place your garden room can become anything you want it to be. We have brick slips in various colours and that gives you the freedom to create a space with colours such as grey, white and red. Furthermore, they work exceptionally well with different types of furniture and furnishings, so if you are looking to capture the perfect look, then brick slips are going to give you that modern design you want to achieve.

The great thing about brick slips is the fact that they are timeless. Just like the exterior brickwork of our homes, they will never truly go out of fashion because they are so versatile and that is the difference between brick slips and opting to go for another finish on your walls.