Give Your Garden a Makeover With Brick Slips

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Give Your Garden a Makeover With Brick Slips

With Spring just a matter of weeks away, it’s natural to have one eye on spending more time outdoors in the glorious sunshine. Your garden might have succumbed to the dreary depths of winter but a quick clean up on a sunny weekend will have your garden looking like new. Only then, you can see what potential your garden has and how you could make some great changes that bring it back to life. If you want to do things differently, then it might be time to consider brick slips because they can add a whole load of charm to your garden in a simple and effective way. Take a look at these garden ideas and transform its appearance with ease.


Brick Slip Boring Walls

If your garden walls are made of breeze blocks and lack any kind of character then you’re not going to want to knock them down and have them rebuilt in a different brick. Therefore, you might want to opt for brick slips that you can use to clad the walls. Of course, with so many different types of brick slips available, you can go for any look you want but fitting brick slips to external walls is a great DIY project to take on in time for Spring.


Change Up Your Flooring

Perhaps your patio slabs are looking tired and worn and require replacing? If this is the case, then why opt to have slabs put back in when you can use brick slips instead? You can opt to create quirky yet smart outdoor flooring that certainly makes an impact. There are several patterns that you can opt for such as herringbone but whatever you opt for, it will certainly look different and stand out at the same time.


Raised Flower Beds

If you have raised flower beds or want to build raised flower beds, why not make them stand out by cladding the raised beds with brick slips. They are perfect for creating a focal point in your garden and they will look every bit as elegant and smart as you would expect. Then, when your flowers bloom and fill your garden with colour, your brick slips will stand out even more.


Build a BBQ area with Brick Slips

Why continue relying on your rusty BBQ that you have to quickly put away when the rain comes when you can build your own? There are plenty of DIY projects that you can follow, enabling you to build your own BBQ and they are cost-effective too. If you opt to use breeze blocks as opposed to standard bricks, you can then clad your bbq with brick slips so it matches the look of your house.


The Benefits

The reality is that brick slips come with many benefits but they will never look tired or worn. All year round they will give your garden a certain charm and they stand out which means that your garden won’t look lifeless during the winter. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to install, so perhaps now is the time to get planning your next DIY project!