Get an Industrial Feel for Your Kitchen with Modern Brick Slips

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Get an Industrial Feel for Your Kitchen with Modern Brick Slips 

When it comes to decorating your home or office, there are many styles to choose from, especially if you choose brick slips. With so many different styles to choose from, brick tiles are very popular, especially if you are after an industrial feel. This is ideal for modern apartments, office buildings, and even homes where you have versatile spaces where you need simplicity and a unique style.

Your kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in your home, and many home owners are starting to enjoy the benefits of an industrial style kitchen area. You can easily achieve this with the right brick slips and create a unique yet modern industrial environment for your kitchen area.

Choosing an Industrial Style

Old rustic brick walls and whole walls of glazed brick effect tiles are the back bone of this style. If you choose to incorporate a glazed brick such as town and country, make sure you grout it in a mid to dark grey to get the whole effect. Old worn rugs, chunky wooden furniture or items pooled together from old industrial style elements will look great in this setting. 

Combine all of these with industrial lighting for the ultimate industrial style space. If you’re not that brave, keep things simple with a rustic brick wall, a few metal industrial style chairs and lighting for a defused setting, that shows you are aware of your current trends without going all out.

How to Achieve an Industrial Look

The key to creating the industrial look is keeping it simple. Avoid adding too much furniture and accessories as this can quickly make the space feel dark and enclosed. The interest and depth in the project will come from the mixed textures and patina.

Start with a neutral colour palette (grey and whites are a popular choice), then add some reclaimed features such as our Reclaimed Red Brick Slips. This adds a sense of age and authenticity to the area.

Be sure to implement some metal accents. This could come from vintage metal furniture and lighting, galvanized steels or the popular choice of the moment, Copper, which works very well with exposed bricks.

Industrial Chic can sometimes have a harsh cold look to it. This can be softened by adding warm textures and accessories Why not add some faux fur rugs and throws or a crystal chandelier.

Adding in some live green plants can also bring some character and contrast to the project.

If going the whole way isn’t for you, try adding some small touches. A reclaimed wood coffee table, or a statement lighting fixture can give a touch of industrial chic without going the whole hog.

Why Choose Brick Slips

Brick slips are very versatile and are perfect to use in almost any room in the home. They are ideal for indoor use as you can create a brick-like look that creates a great atmosphere in any room. You can use them in your bedroom to create a natural, relaxing environment that is suited to your individual style.

Brick slips are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because they are low maintenance easy to install, and can handle damp areas with ease. When used in the bathroom, these brick slips are often lightly sealed to help protect against fungi and algae. This will also make maintenance much easier to do. When you choose brick slips for the bathroom, remember to consider how much natural light to the bathroom gets, as this will help guide you when you choose the materials and colour for the wallcovering.

Brick slips are often used around fireplaces, as they have excellent heat-resistant properties and are environmentally friendly. You can also use them in your bathroom, and choose from a variety of materials that can allow for anything from a minimalist style to a unique modern setting. 

When you install brick slips at home, make sure you have all the right installation accessories, especially if you want to install brick slips in the bathroom. You need to make sure that it is properly sealed, so that your walls and floors can handle dampness and splashbacks without issue. You can also get a professional installer to assist you with these brick slip walls, especially if you have never worked with these materials.

Regardless of whether you want to create a new look in your kitchen, or want to revamp your office space, brick slips are the perfect solution. From a stone effect, to a marble effect and even a wood effect – you can create almost any look and feel with brick slips. With the right accessories and guidance, you can install brick slips almost anywhere – in your home or in your office building.   

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