Five Reasons Why We Love Black Brick Slips

Have you ever wondered how brick slips would look in your home? Are you only aware of brick slips being sold in one colour? The reality is that brick slips come in many different styles and we are proud to offer many different options but we want to put the focus on black brick slips because they really do have a lot to offer. In fact, they might have more to offer than you realised. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should love black brick slips as much as us.

They’re Different

We are all familiar with bricks but most of us only know of them in one colour which might be red or orange. After all, this is the most popular colour and the style that we see on most houses but it is not the only colour out there.

Black brick slips are definitely different and the colour offers something unique. They have the same texture as red bricks if you opt for the Olde Rustic Black Brick Slips but you can also get that engineered brick look with the Black Brick Slips that we offer. However you look at it, they are certainly different.


They Are Versatile

You can choose to use our black brick slips in a variety of places. Clad an entire wall to create a feature, use them as a splashback or use them to spruce up your DIY barbecue that’s ready for summer. Whatever it might be, there is no denying that black brick slips are extremely versatile.


They Hide Dirt and Marks

If you are considering using black brick slips then it helps to know that they are great for hiding marks. As we have mentioned, they make a  great splashback which means that you won’t see those splashes of grease or liquids. They are also ideal for use in high traffic areas such as hallways as they won’t show up any marks at all. What this means is that your brick slips will continue to look their very best.


They Last

This is not just a characteristic that is unique to black brick slips as all brick slips last but we thought it was one that was worth mentioning. As they are thinner strips of brick, they are just as tough and hard-wearing as standard bricks. You won’t have to worry about them chipping, breaking or getting scratched and that ensures you don’t have to replace them frequently.


They Get Better With Age

They might look perfect once they have been installed but one of the best characteristics of black brick slips is the way in which they get better with age. Whether they get small chips or marks that cannot be hidden, they will take on a new identity and that will help to add character to your brick slips, making them look better with each year that passes!

Black brick slips are beautiful and extremely practical, so why not consider using them in your home? You’ll be amazed at how great they are, especially when you consider the reasons we have given for choosing them!