Everything You Need to Know About Brick Slip Mortar

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Everything You Need to Know About Brick Slip Mortar

When it comes to fitting your brick slips, you are going to want to fit them so they look like real bricks. Well, they are real bricks but a thinner version but however you look at it, you’ll want a perfect finish.

So, this is where mortar will come but what is it and what do you need to know about it?


What is Mortar?

Mortar is used in general brick building between the bricks. It is the material that bonds the bricks to each other and creates strength. It also helps to even out any un-level areas when building a wall but it is an essential part of the process. When it comes to brick slips, you won’t use standard lime mortar or sand and cement mortar when cladding your wall with brick slips.


Pointing Brick Slips - What Do You Use?

Once you have fitted the brick slips to your wall and they have set, you can then begin the process of pointing your brick slips using a mortar. The process of pointing is relatively straightforward but it can take time if you don’t have the right tools available to you.

The difficult option would be to use a semi dry sand and cement mortar that you push into the gaps between the brick slips using your hands. This is a cheaper option but it is the more difficult option and can take a lot of time. As it takes a long time, it can prove frustration and it can result in increased labour costs too. So, the easy way to point a brick slip wall is to use bagged pointing mortar. This is available in a number of colours to suit your wall, your bricks slips and your home.

You can also opt to use a mortar pointing gun which will give you greater control.  You will also have the ability to cover large areas with ease and in a shorter time frame, enabling you to finish the job sooner.


Is Pointing Absolutely Necessary?

The answer to this is no, but traditional brick walls are pointed so that they have structural strength but also look good. However, whether you want to fill the gaps between your brick slips is purely down to personal preference. They look good with pointing and they look unique without the pointing.

You do have another method which is to butt joint the bricks which means that there are no gaps. This is one of those options that you either like or dislike but it does mean that you won’t have to worry about pointing and the installation can be done quickly.

So, when it comes to pointing, there are no hard or fast rules and what you decide to do is completely down to you and your taste. That’s what makes brick slips so unique because they are different to standard bricks, giving you more options to create a look that fits your every need.