Ever Thought About Using Brick Slips On The Stairs?

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Ever Thought About Using Brick Slips On The Stairs?


You might have brick slips in your home and love the look of them or you might be thinking about installing them but why think about the obvious areas of the home when you can get creative?

Brick slips are one of the most versatile materials out there and they allow you to come up with new ideas. Sure, feature walls in kitchens look great and brick slip splashbacks really add some spice to your kitchen but what about other areas of the home?

Have you ever thought about how mundane and neglected your staircase area might be? Sure, you might have picture frames on the wall or have a certain colour on the wall but let’s be honest, it’s hardly inspiring is it?

So, now we are seeing more people use their creativity to create show-stopping brick slip walls on their staircase. This is a trend that is increasing in popularity and it offers you the opportunity to have some fun with a space that needs a boost.


Go For Brickslips

This is where you can throw caution to the wind and try something a little different for once. When opting for brick slips, you might want to consider the likes of the Knightsbridge brick slips or the Oakham Coach House Red Brick slips. This will give your staircase that old Victorian style, giving it an authentic appearance that is both trendy yet unique.

You can always opt to add in some colour if you choose because brick slips are available in a range of colours. Add some brightness if your staircase is dark by using some white brick slips. The Spalding Perfect White Brick Slips are an ideal option as they will create a feeling of space too which is something that some staircases lack. Go for grey such as the Padstow Grey Brick Slips and you’re going to transform your staircase into a classy and modern space that will lift the whole house.


It’s About Making a Statement

Most houses open up into the hallway where you are then met with the staircase. However, many people choose to make a statement in other rooms in the home which is fine. This might include their bathroom, living room or kitchen but why not start things off the right way by making a statement on your staircase?

With brick slips, you will add a touch of style and class in no time at all and it will give them home a sophisticated look the moment anyone walks through the door.

The reality is that stairs are screaming out for colour of some sort. Furthermore, stair cases are often the place where walls are marked the most. Messy hand prints of children and scuffs from carrying things up and down the stairs but these issues will be a thing of the past when you have brick slips installed.

So, add your own style and texture to your staircase and make your neighbours envious.