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Do Brick Slips Complement Wood Finishes?

When it comes to brick slips, you truly have a lot of benefits to gain for your home or office. Not only are brick slips easy to install but they are lightweight and convenient, making them ideal for using inside your home. But sometimes you want to make sure that brick slips will complement the existing décor in your home, especially when it comes to wooden finishes that look beautiful and modern.

There is simply no denying that the look of wood along with traditional brick walls is simply very popular feature. This is especially true in kitchen areas where you can have wooden table tops that are complement traditional walls as a splash back. Homeowners know that would and brick slips go along perfectly, as these brick slips resemble the look and feel of a traditional brick wall and offer the same rugged look.

Another timeless combination is to use traditional brick slips that resemble brick wall along with wood panelling for a very modern and sophisticated finish. This is great for commercial areas such as restaurants or even in your outdoor patio area your own kitchen. Wood or ideal kitchen areas and you can simply think of any modern pizzeria to get the perfect example of how bricks and wood go together. 

But you don’t have to stick to kitchen areas, as wood and brick slips can be combined in other areas of the home too. You can have them together in living spaces, and also in an outdoor entertainment area. Since wood and bricks are both traditional styles, the complement each other perfectly.

When it comes to installing brick slips in your home to complement your wooden features, you don’t have to hire an expensive team of contractors as you can simply have these installed by yourself as a DIY project. Brick slips are easy to install and they are lightweight and modern enough to work on just about any interior and exterior wall.

Since they are so thin, they won’t take up a lot of floor space and this is why you can make the most out of this installation so that you can benefit from a cost-effective project and a product that will last for many years to come. This is why brick slips are so popular for home and business owners. 

The Benefits of Modern Brick Slips

Brick slips are very convenient for homeowners as they allow you to easily have a beautiful feature that resembles the look of a traditional place wall. Slips allow you to choose from different colours and designs, making it easy to install this on any interior wall. Brick slips have many benefits to offer and this is one reason why they are so extremely versatile and used every day around the world.

Another great benefit of brick slips is that they are made from thin cuts of a real brick. This means they will have the same look and feel as a traditional brick wall but these brick slips can easily be installed onto any interior wall without having to rebuild it. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to use brick slips in the home. 

You can easily add brick slips to your kitchen or your bathroom area, as it can handle damp areas quite well as well as offer the perfect surface for splash backs. Brick slips are available in different designs so you can easily create a feature wall for small rooms as it helps to make the room appear bigger than it really is.

Another great benefit of modern brick slips is that you can easily add them to feature walls for fireplaces as they can handle heat very well. They also give you the perfect rustic look for your fireplace as it gives you a rough finish that resembles the exact look often external brick wall. This has become very popular in modern homes, as this is the perfect look for a traditional fireplace in the home.

These are just some of the great options you have available if you want to create a beautiful feature wall in your home. Brick tiles and brick slips are very the materials and they look great in modern homes. They are very easy to install and you can create a beautiful feature that your guests will enjoy. Very easy installation and 50 to handle heat and moisture, and is a great addition and the way to add value to your property.

If you are ready to install brick slips in the home, make sure you order a few samples so that you can get the right brick slip for your installation. Make sure it fits your environment and that it goes perfectly with the wooden features in a specific room in the home. You can also get helpful tips and advice from us on how to use your brick slips effectively and what accessories you’ll need for your installation. 

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