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Different Pointing Mortar for Brick Slips

Brick slips are so versatile and offer you plenty of benefits. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also very cost-effective and very attractive. They allow you to have the same brick-like effect inside your home as you do on the outside. Brick slips are mainly used for their aesthetic appeal, and can create the perfect authentic look.

Providing you have the right accessories, brick slips are very easy to install. They are versatile and can be used anywhere in your home or commercial environment. You can use them in your bathroom to create a unique, practical look, or even in your bedroom to create a relaxing, natural environment that reflects your personal style. 

But you can accomplish a lot by using the right type of mortar – which is why this is a great way to add a unique style to your home. You can use different coloured mortar to really be unique and modern. 

What Is Mortar?

When you install brick slips, it’s important to have the right accessories, which include mortar. Mortar is used to bind brick slips to the wall or floor surface. You can spread mortar on the foundation if you want the brick tiles to stick and stay in place. Mortar is a mix of cement, sand, water and lime. Mortar also has a typically thick consistency and this makes it easy to spread. 

At My Brick Wall we offer a range of mortar products that are ideal for your brick tile installation. They can vary from sand coloured, to grey, and even white. All of our mortar products can be used to either match existing brick work, or to create a beautiful contrast for a modern feature wall. 

Formulated lime mortar can have cement, ground granulated blast furnace slag, or other performance enhancing additives. It is blended to get a variety of benefits and also to achieve certain performance characteristics. Any of these additions will be listed by the manufacturer.

Some of the materials used in mortar includes aggregate, binder, water and filler. These are the main components of all mortar products. Aggregate provides the majority or bulk of the mortar, while binder binds it together with the lime or cement. Water bonds all the elements together, and filler refers to the materials that are added to bulk up the entire mixture and to fill any voids. 

What are the Benefits of Using Mortar?

Mortar helps to bond the tile to the wall or floor, and it acts as a binding agent. Mortar that contains lime can be very flexible and it is slower in hardening than cement mortar. This means it is much more flexible and also enhance the ability of your tiles to accommodate the stress that typically comes with building. Lime mortar also provides a high degree of cohesiveness and it is very discreet due to its consistency.

Here are a few benefits of using mortar to install brick tiles:

  • It's flexible
  • It improves workability
  • It enhances water retention
  • It's strong and durable
  • it has freeze-thaw resistance
  • It offers vapour permeability
  • it's self-healing

The use of lime in mortar also reduces the compressive strength in hardened mortar, so in area where structural movement takes place, lime mortars can better accommodate this. It also strengthens freeze-thaw resistance of mortar, allowing any moisture to evaporate and reduce the risk of freeze thaw deterioration. 


Another great benefit of lime mortar is that the combination of moisture, lime and carbon dioxide from the air can reduce hairline cracks. Crystals form during this process and helps to fill the gaps in the cracks. 

Installing Brick Slips

Brick slips are quite unique and they provide a rustic, warm feel to any environment. They can fit in with almost any environment, which is perfect for modern home owners who want to create their own unique style. Modern homes are often built with rough brick walls on the outside, while brick slips now allow you to take that same rough, rugged brick-like look inside the home.

One of the most popular areas where home owners often choose to install brick slips is in the kitchen. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular rooms in the home, where families spend a lot of time together. This is a great way to turn your kitchen into a practical, unique environment that is environmentally friendly, and energy efficient.

The bathroom is another room in the house where homeowners often make use of this rustic, individual wall style. Brick slips can be very popular in bathrooms, specifically because they require almost no maintenance, and can be completely sealed to prevent any moisture from turning into mould. When you do choose red brick slips for your bathroom, be sure to consider the amount of natural light when you choose the type of material for your walls.

For more information about the best brick slips for your home or office, contact My Brick Wall today at support@mybrickwall.co.za or view our collections online.