Different Patterns That You Can Choose When Installing Brick Slips

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Different Patterns That You Can Choose When Installing Brick Slips


Every homeowner wants to create a unique look and feel around the home. Despite this, some looks might feel as though they are impossible to achieve such as that of exposed brickwork but it doesn’t have to be the case. 

Brick slips are a versatile solution that come in a range of types including precast brick slips and clay brick slips. What’s more, you can even find a colour to fit your decor as they are available in a multitude of colours. There is more, as they also come in a number of styles, you can create a truly customised look. 


What Are Brick Slips?

Essentially, Brick Slips are thin bricks, so they don’t have the same depth as a regular brick. Therefore, they deliver the same look but also the flexibility that makes them suitable for fitting onto walls and floors to create an authentic brick look. As they are thinner, they take up less space, making them an ideal solution for any space. 

They also come with the same benefits as bricks as they are durable, breathable and, recyclable, making them completely unique and practical. With this in mind, when installing brick slips, there are a multitude of finishes that you can opt for because of the way in which they can be fitted or laid like a standard brick.


So, what finishes can you go for?


Stretcher Bond - For homeowners who are seeking a traditional bricked pattern look then Stretcher Bond is the design we most commonly know. It’s the standard way of laying bricks and promises to showcase the versatility of brick slips. This works with almost all brick slips but looks particularly impressive when used with the likes of Cottage Blend Brick Slips or London Warehouse Brick Slips.

Stretcher Bond

English Bond - If you’re looking for a finish that involves a more refined and sophisticated look then the English Bond finish might be the preferred option. It’s unique and involves using alternating courses of stretchers and headers. 

English Bond Brick Slips

English Garden Wall - Achieving a truly unique, exterior look, this design is ideal should you be looking to make an impact with your brick slips. With one course of headers for every third course of stretchers, it delivers a really quirky finish and would fit something along the lines of the Kensington Red Brick Slips.

English Garden Wall Blend - Brick Slips

English Cross Bond - This finish might be more suited to those Brick Slips that have a smoother or more uniformed appearance to highlight the quality of the workmanship. This design would be highlighted by using the Hadleigh Space Grey Brick Slips or the Folkestone Mixed Grey Brick Slips.

English Cross Blend

Flemish Bond - If you want to create a more rugged look that might be associated with old Victorian properties then this is the right choice for you. Creating something unique is always a great way to create the perfect look and the Millhouse Rustic Blend Brick Slips might be the right choice.

Flemish bond - Brick Slips

Flemish Garden Wall - Create a neat look and finish with this choice of design. It’s clean, simple and has a subtle touch of quirkiness to it. To achieve a clinical look, you could opt for the Thaxted Smooth Buff Brick Slips.

Flemish Garden Wall Blend - Brick Slips

Monk Bond - This blend of different coloured Brick Slips opens the door to creativity. Mix it up with the Olde Rustic Black Brick Slips and the Dover White Brick Slips to create a real focal point in any space.

Monk Blend - Brick Slips

Stack Bond - This provides a very uniformed finish but one that does look impressive. Implemented with the right Brick Slip such as the Black Brick Slips will finish off any space.

Stack Bond - Brick Slips

Herringbone - The great thing about Brick Slips is that they are so versatile that they can be used on floors. Herringbone is a popular design when it comes to flooring so you could opt for something as clinical as the Thaxted Smooth Buff Brick Slips or the Dover White Brick Slips.

 Herringbone pattern

The great thing about Brick Slips is the versatility they offer. Whether you’re looking for Brick Slips around window recesses, a feature wall or a unique style of flooring, they are certain to offer a unique finish that consists of beauty, durability and elegance. 

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