Decorate Yoga Studio With Brick Slips

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Transform Your Yoga Studio

While we might still be living in the middle of a pandemic, there is no denying that the beginning was tough for everyone. There were those who were fortunate to be able to work from home and those who were unfortunate to lose their job. Then there were those who saw it as an opportunity to reset their lives and do something they love. It taught people that life is short and that they should take a chance on indulging in their passion. As a result, many people turned their hobbies into a business, such as those who practice yoga.

They used their free time to train and gain the necessary qualifications before opening up classes that would take place online to begin with. As restrictions were removed, people craved social interaction and yoga teachers were keen to keep costs down as they looked for a studio in which they could teach their classes. As a result, many chose to install garden rooms that they could use as their studio and from here, they aimed to create that studio feel, which is where brick slips really made a difference.


The Inspirational Studio Look

When you think of a yoga studio, you think of an industrial building with plants and very little else as it is a space that is designed to encourage freedom and that feeling of peace. However, for any new business or adventure, creating the perfect look is crucial which is why red brick slips are the ideal addition to any home-based yoga studio.


Enhance Natural Light

Yoga is all about creating the right atmosphere and artificial light is something that yoga instructors want to avoid if possible. So, if you have a garden room with large glass doors that let in plenty of light, you want to complement that lighting as much as possible. Red brick slips are available in a range of shades and so, the lighter the shade, the lighter the room will feel and that is why they are ideal for improving natural light.


Create a Professional Image

When starting a business, you want to make a good impression and your clients are not going to want to feel as though they are doing yoga with friends in your back garden. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to ensure you create a professional-looking environment. With brick slips, you can create style, class and an impressive look that clients will love. When they feel as though you have considered their needs, they are more likely to recommend you to others and that’s why it’s important to get the look right.

Brick slips are an amazing option when it comes to yoga classes. We recommend installing the lighter blend of brick slips but of course, you can go for any look you wish. They are easy to install and maintain while they retain their look for many years. All of this helps you to retain your image and create an environment that inspires.