Create a Cool Kids Room The Easy Way With Brick Slips

Posted by Dan Stevens on

Create a Cool Kids Room The Easy Way With Brick Slips

As children get older, their bedroom becomes their own space. A place where they can relax with friends, watch TV or play the latest console games. With this comes a request for their bedrooms to look smart, stylish and modern.

Bedroom trends come and go but with any bedroom for a child, durability is key and of course, you want it to look great because you want them to appreciate it and make use of it. So, how can brick slips help you create the bedroom they want?


Make it unique

Children love nothing more than being able to show their friends something different. Something that stands out and gives them a little more credibility with their friends. This is where brick slips can really stand out.

You can be fairly confident that none of their friends have brick slips in their bedroom and that’s the reason why your child will love their bedroom. You don’t have to cover the entire room in brick slips because one feature wall is enough to make the bedroom look cool and modern.


They are durable

We all know that children don’t always think about their actions which means that when they mark the walls, they don’t look at it in the same way as us adults. The cost of painting walls and the time it takes can leave you feeling frustrated when your child damages the wall but once the damage is done, it detracts from the overall look of the room. Not to mention the cost and time it will take to put it right.

Fortunately, brick slips give you something more because they are highly durable. This means that you can allow your children to use their room without fear of them damaging their wall. Brick slips are solid, hard-wearing and they won’t mark. Any marks that are left on the wall will only add to the authentic look that they offer.


They go with different colour schemes

Your child might have said that they want their room to be a certain colour. This might relate to their favourite football team or their favourite colour. The great thing about brick slips is that they can come in a range of colours and styles which means that they work with almost every single colour. So, if your child says that they want a certain colour, you won’t need to worry about the brick slips not fitting in!


Accessorise your wall

Once the brick slips are in place, you can then begin to add to them. You might want to put up picture frames or you can even hang up their TV, helping brick slips to feel more warming and inviting. The great thing about brick slips is that you can treat them like normal walls with the correct preparation, enabling you to create a dream bedroom.

There is no denying that brick slips are highly versatile but if you haven’t thought about installing them in your child’s bedroom then now is the time to seriously consider it!