Country Style Brick Slips

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Country Style Brick Slips

When it comes to creating the perfect interior space, it is ideal to use brick slips for your next project. Brick slips are lightweight, very easy to use, and the perfect alternative to a traditional brick wall. It is especially helpful if you want to create a specific theme in the home, such as a popular country look and feel. Brick slips can be used to create this theme through the home, and this is a great option for modern home owners who love the country look in their homes.

Creating a country look and feel can easily be accomplished with brick slips, especially if you choose colours such as red, brown, white and other traditional colours. Mix them together and you can create almost any style, finish, and exterior theme to your walls. 

Why Use Brick Slips?

Because brick slips are cut from regular-sized bricks, they have many benefits including their ability to maintain the same colour, texture and shape as a full-sized brick. They are extremely durable and reliable, not to mention easy and cost-effective to install. Brick slips are ideal for any interior space, as you don’t have to install a brand-new brick wall but can simply use brick slips instead.

Brick slips are very easy to work with and they are lightweight, making the easy to install. They won’t take up as much floor space either, making it ideal to revamp your interior walls. They are much thinner than traditional bricks so they will take up minimal space and they are lightweight too, so they can easily be installed on almost any interior wall. 

The colours that we offer range from traditional reds and brows, to white and even premium glazed brick slips. If you especially love a country look and feel, use a whitewash effect brick tile to add that perfect country look to your home. It will also create a smooth and modern brick backsplash to instantly spruce up your kitchen.

Traditional Brick Slips

Traditional brick slips are created from thin cuts of brick and they are specifically made to look like real bricks to use in the home. They are ideal for outdoor and indoor use and you can get them in many different colours and styles. They are also referred to as natural brick slips as they are designed to look much like the traditional, rugged bricks you get on exterior face brick walls.

Traditional brick slips come in various colours but they are all beautiful and perfect for that weathered and rustic look to use on your interior and exterior walls. They are also ideal to use for a feature wall in the home, whether in a living area or bedroom. 

Another great benefit of using popular traditional brick slips is that they are durable and breathable. This is why they are so ideal for many walls, as they are very versatile and require almost no maintenance. They are energy efficient and the perfect solution for an area that needs to be beautified. Brick slips are primarily used for their aesthetic appeal, as they offer a quick and practical alternative to conventional bricks. 

Mixed Colour Brick Slips

To create a beautiful country look, mixed colour brick slips are ideal. They add style and a bit of interesting colours to any wall, and you can choose them in earthy colours like browns, white, red and even yellow coloured brick slips. 

Mixed colour brick slips are not only beautiful but they are very easy to use with any other style you have going in the home. A country look and feel is a great way to create a very relaxing, beautiful and stylish interior for your home, all with beautiful brick slips that are affordable and versatile. 

Brown Brick Slips

Brown is a great colour for any traditional, country look in the home. For this reason, our Andover Rustic Brown Brick Slips are idea and they will create a beautiful wall in the home. They give you a slight twist on traditional red brick slips as they are sourced from heavily weathered brown brick slips the offer the perfect combination of colour and texture. 

Modern brick slips are extremely easy to use and ideal if you are looking to create a country feel for your home. If you love a country look and feel, you can install earthy colours such as brown, and then combine them with a whitewashed wall, to create a truly unique style. You can also break this up with a few brightly coloured walls throughout the home. 


Red Brick Slips

If you really want a country feel, using a red brick slip in your home is a great idea. Plus, we have a great selection of red brick slips specifically for you. Our Acton Red brick slips are one of the most popular options to go with. They offer a beautiful red mix of colours that look and feel amazing. They immediately add warmth and character to your home, which is exactly what you want if you are looking to create a country look and feel. 


As an added benefit, these brick slips are around 17 mm thick and do not require sealing. They are easy to blend with a white wall, to create a beautifully striking wall in your kitchen or living room with their beautiful deep, rich colour.

Looking for the perfect brick tile to create a country look? It’s easy when you shop with us. You can browse our selection online and compare different brick tiles and brick slips, along with their pricing. This makes it easy to find the perfect brick tile to revamp your home’s interior walls. 

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