Clay Brick Slip Design Ideas for 2022

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Clay Brick Slip Design Ideas for 2022 

There are several advantages of choosing real clay brick slips over imitation concrete brick slips. One of the most important advantages of using real clay brick slips is that they are cut from high-quality bricks. The technology used to cut the bricks ensures that the colour and texture of the bricks are of a high quality.

They will give your brick slip wall that beautiful, high-quality look that you are looking for.

Clay brick slips offer a lot of benefits for any homeowner looking to improve the interior of their home. With so many great designs to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to go with.

Here are a few design ideas using clay brick slips:

Creative Hallways

This is a great examples of brick slips that are made up a tightly, so that the spacebar is not visible. To get exposed brick walls without any broadcasting, a precision brick is required and has a fine texture.

Lighter Colours Are Beautiful

In areas such as a bathroom or hallway where you often have smaller spaces, combine a darker colour with a lighter one like white or beige, so that you create the illusion of more space and light, while keeping a touch of authenticity. A great option for this look is our white brick slips. 

Go for a Rustic Look

This is a great way to create a rustic yet versatile environment with beautiful brick slips. Colours like brown, red, white, and grey work perfectly together. Take a look at our rustic wall tiles for a great product option.  

Go for All-White Walls

White brick slips can still be a great option for modern homes as it allows you to have plain white walls with a little texture. With our popular Oldbury White Blend Brick Slips you can create a light and fresh look with a white colour, while still have small patches of brown coming through. 

The Popularity of Clay Brick Slips

Clay brick slips are gaining popularity due to the many benefits it offers. Not only are they a cost-effective alternative to a traditional brick wall, but they can create a variety of looks for a home – inside and out. Clay brick slips are lightweight and can turn and interior or exterior wall into a beautiful, rustic and authentic look. 

With modern homes being built with rough facing brick on the outside, home owners are starting to bring this look into their homes. But building a new wall is not always an option, and it can be very expensive. This is where brick slips come in – they are lightweight, requires virtually no maintenance, and are cost-effective. Plus, they can provide a variety of themes for a wall, making them very versatile.

The demand for clay brick slips has been increasing over the last few years and there is a wide variety of options available to cater for any home owner’s preference.

Choosing Brick Tiles to Transform Your Home

When you go for brick tiles, you can create a beautiful and unique environment with creative effects for your interior and exterior walls. They are maintenance-free, quick and easy to install, offer a variety of colours, and you don’t have to paint your walls ever again. Perfect for any homeowner!

There are plenty benefits to clay brick slips:

  • Brick tiles are also known as brick veneer, thin brick, brick cladding, interior brick veneer or faux brick wall panels.
  • Brick tiles or brick face tile are sliced from face and semi face bricks and are designed to create a very attractive quality finish that is weatherproof and maintenance free for life. Brick tiles allow all the features and benefits of a full clay face brick in just 9mm.
  • These thin bricks are used as a cladding which can be applied to all rigid and semi rigid surfaces externally and internally as well as flooring.
  • Thin brick tiles for interior walls look absolutely stunning, and never need to be maintained.
  • They offer both a durable and weatherproof finish.
  • The most important feature is that they are 100% maintenance free.
  • Brick tiles are made to create an attractive quality cladding that is both weatherproof and maintenance free.

Brick tiles can easily be applied to dry walling, concrete surfaces, metal, wood, painted surfaces, and isolated panels. They are versatile, affordable and highly popular for homes and businesses worldwide. 

When we look at commercial settings, clay brick slips are perfect for areas like delis, restaurants and cafes. It offers so many different colour options and you can create almost any look you want. They are very easy to install and maintain, making it a practical solution for businesses.

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial clay brick slips, you’ll get value for money, energy efficient, beautiful alternative for your walls. Combined with the fact that they come in a variety of materials, they are extremely versatile and can fit into almost any décor theme you have.

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