Choosing the Best Red Brick Slip

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Choosing the Best Red Brick Slip

Brick slips are a great way to transform a home and it is especially helpful if you want to transform a personal space. You can use brick slips to create a beautiful feature wall or to create a brand new space inside your home. Brick slips are ideal if you want to have the same look for your interior walls that you do have outside. Brick slips have many benefits to offer, and they come in a wide variety of colours, of which red is especially popular among modern homeowners. 

Red brick slips can be seen throughout a home and it is especially helpful around fireplaces. They give a beautiful, rich colour and they are very durable and lightweight to work with. Red brick slips can be used on many walls, as they are thin enough not to take up much floor space, while also making it easy to install as they are practical and easy to use. With red brick slips, you can create a beautiful feature wall, or have a traditional, rugged wall in your home that has many different red shaded of colour – which you can easily blend with other colours such as white, brown, and grey. 

If you are looking for inspiration for your interior walls, we have a range of premium brick slips to buy. Let’s look at some of our most popular red brick slips and how they can be used in your home: 


Bedford Brick Slips

Our beautiful Bedford Antique Red Brick Slips are ideal if you want to create a rustic feel inside your home. They bring the true look and feel of facebricks alive in yourhome, and it has a beautiful colour that cobines, reds, brows, and rustic colours. This, coupled with aged staining such as charred blacks, salt washed whites, and tumbled edges, make these brick slips perfect for your home. 


Hornsea Brick Slips

Another great option is the Hornsea Rustic Fireplace Brick Slips which offer you a beautiful and traditionally rugged look for your home. The colour scheme that these mixed red brick slips offer is a beautiful full-bodied red with a mix of hues and tones. It’s ideal for feature walls in the kitchen or the bathroom, especially in modern homes. 

These burnt tones are ideal throughout the home and quite popular for homeowners who want to maintain a traditional, rustic look in their home, with darker red and brown tones. 


Acton Brick Slips

Our Acton Red Brick Slips can be a great feature for fireplaces as they give the ideal rustic look. They can also handle heat quite well so they make the perfect backdrop. Designed to work throughout the home these enchanting brick slips look and feel amazing, instantly adding warmth and character to your home. They are thin and easy to install, giving you a rustic look around your walls. 


Millhouse Brick Slips

If you are looking for a striking yet rustic coloured brick wall for your home, you can choose the beautiful and very popular Millhouse Rustic Blend Brick Slips. They give you the perfect rustic look and it’s one of our premium brick slips that is very popular. It offers a red finish, which is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, and fireplaces. 

They perfectly emulate a country look and feel, and they have a mixed red finish which blends in perfectly with the rest of your home, regardless of its colour. 


Alton Blended Brick Slips

If you love reds and brows, our Alton Blended Red Brick Slips are ideal. They are among our premium brick slips are sourced from real bricks. They have a distinctive mix of tones, making them perfect for any modern home. They will suit any area where you want a traditional brick finish, whether this is a bedroom, living area, or kitchen. You can also combine them with other brightly coloured brick slips to create a unique and long-lasting finish in your home. 

Alton Blended

Installing brick slips are a great way to breathe new life in your home, without having to rebuild any walls. Brick slips look similar to normal brick walls that you have on the outside, but with minimal effort and a very easy installation. 

Brick slips are thin and lightweight, so they are easy to install in the home. When properly sealed, they can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, making them very versatile and a cost effective investment to make. That’s why brick slips have become so popular thoughout the years, as it allows home owners to easily install brick slips on the inside of the home. 


When you want to install brick slips you can browse our selection of colours and styles, and you can even order samples from us first, to assess how colours and styles will look in the home. This is a great way to make sure that you have the style and colour you need, and compare different finishes to get the perfect look for the interior of your home. 


Brick slips is a great way to add value to your home without having to rebuild any walls, and make any expensive changes to the inside of your home. You can combine different colours and finishes, and create a beautiful feature wall in your home that will really attract attention. 


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