Can you use brick slips in a fireplace?

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Can you use brick slips in a fireplace?

If you are looking to decorate your home, you can really make a great impression with brick slips. From a small bathroom wall, to revamping your living room, a feature wall is a great addition for any living space. But people are adding brick slips and brick tiles to one specific area – their fireplaces. 

Your fireplace is a great attraction in your living room, or any area in the home, and this is why you need to ensure that it stands out. Older homes especially have fireplaces that have traditionally been laid out brick walls. It's a great to have, and many homeowners want to retain that look of a rugged brick wall as a backdrop to the fireplaces.

With brick tiles and brick slips becoming so popular in recent years many owners have started to wonder if these can be used around fireplaces. They are extremely easy to install and they are very lightweight, not to mention the fact that they are very affordable, making them the ideal alternative to a brick wall.

Can you use brick slips around a fireplace?

With modern brick slips and beautiful brick tiles, this is entirely possible and you can even go a bit further and be creative with a variety of designs and textures. Plus, brick slips and brick tiles are very easy to work with, especially if you have the right accessories. You can take this on as a DIY installation, which is perfect for homeowners who are looking to revamp the inside of your home.

Both brick slips and brick tiles are ideal for your fireplace and this makes it very cost effective for you to create a beautiful backdrop. You can choose from different colours and designs, and even choose from premium brick slips that create a unique look and feel to your home. They handle heat very well and this means they are perfect for any fireplace in the home, big or small. 

You can create a beautiful backdrop for your home’s fireplace by using a combination of brick slips. They are very durable, can withstand heat well, and will be a great addition to any fireplace. Whether you have a small fireplace in the middle of the room, or a large fireplace that forms of a beautiful feature in your home, with our range of beautiful brick slips you can create the perfect backdrop by using a variety of styles and colours.

Brick slips are very durable and this is one reason why they are so ideal for your fireplace. They can even be added to your chimney covering. With a rugged, traditional brick wall to show, you will have the perfect fireplace to stand out in your home. Many people choose to stick to a red brick slip as this gives an original look and feel, and it can also support the warmth that environment gives.

You can go with other colours too, such as yellow brick slips and even white brick slips. This gives you a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from, allowing you to create a personal touch to your home that your guests will enjoy.

You can also use brick tiles for your fireplace as they offer a modern option to get a beautiful brick like effect inside your fireplace wall. Although brick slips are not as durable and longer-lasting as brick slips, brick tiles are beautiful, easy to install, and comes in a wide variety of styles and colours. 

With brick tiles you can be very creative and get a great backdrop for your fireplace and your chimney. Our modern brick tiles can easily be installed, and handle heat very well, making them ideal for any fireplace in a modern home

When you need to choose brick slips and brick tiles, keep in mind that that brick tiles are more affordable, while brick slips are longer-lasting. Both give you an excellent look and feel and it all comes down to a personal choice. Both of these can handle heat quite well, and you can also choose to go with BBA approved brick slips for additional safety assurance.

Also keep in mind that brick slips come with corner pieces, making it much easier to apply. If you buy brick tiles that are more affordable, you will have to create corners out of the tiles. This is one benefit of brick slips over brick tiles for your fireplace. 

Regardless of the one you choose, you can request samples from us first, to make it easier for you to compare different options to see what will work in your home. It is a great way to get a first-hand feel of how these brick slips and brick tiles will look, and how to work with them. Plus, we can always give you helpful tips and advice on how to go about your fireplace wall installation. 

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